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HRSA Logo HRSA My Bright Future: Reaching My Goals - Tip Sheets for Adult Women My Bright Future: Physical Activity And Healthy Eating Guide for Adult Women
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This booklet will help you learn more about the importance of physical activity and healthy eating in your daily life. It will also help you talk with your health care provider about these topics and set healthy goals.

This online version is meant to be viewed on-screen. Please print from the text-only or PDF versions listed below.

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Companion materials to this booklet

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Getting Started

Questions to answer on your own and talk about with your health care provider.

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Health Care Provider

Ideas on how to start a conversation with your health care provider and examples of questions you can ask.

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My Health Care Visit

Section for your health care provider to fill out during your visit.

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Setting My Goals

Charts for setting goals with your health care provider (or on your own).

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What I Should Know

Information and ideas to help you reach your goals.

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Hints for Reaching My Goals

More ideas to help you meet your goals.

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Getting More Information

Other resources to help you.


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