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What's New with EPIC

Jan 18 , 2006 - Announcing DChart - OPeNDAP viewer for in-situ data - based on AJAX (Asynchronous Java and XML) for Google Maps type user interface

Mar 3, 2005 - Announcing cdfsync - netCDF synchronization software

Nov 11, 2004 - Announcing nquery - A Network-enabled data-based data selection tool

May 24, 2004 - OceanShare - network collaboration tool enhanced for OPeNDAP and ability to overlay gridded model results and in-situ observations.

Jan 12, 2004 - Announcing dapper - OPeNDAP server for in-situ and gridded data

Aug 5, 2002 - New version of OceanShare is available.

Dec. 01, 2001 - New Java tools are available: JOA and NdEdit

Apr 10, 2000 - New version of EPIC Web Site is available.

Mar 27, 2000 - Announcing ncBrowse-- a graphical netCDF file browser.

Feb 1, 2000 - New EPIC Web Browser is available using Java Scripts and Java Applets.

Dec 30, 1999 - The Y2K-compliant EPIC programs are now available from ftp.epic.noaa.gov

  • See Program Status for a "one-stop" EPIC program information source.

June 23, 1998 - 1998 PMEL Science Program Review -

April 15, 1997 - Improvements have been made to the EPIC Web Browser plotting interfaces.

  • The new plotting interfaces are shorter, simpler, and easier to navigate.
  • Try selecting, plotting and downloading oceanographic data from the public server.

April 7, 1997 - New Web pages:

December 5, 1996 - New Web pages:

October 18, 1996 - Public access to TAO times series.

October 16, 1996 - On-the-fly graphics generated by the EPIC Web Browser are now also available in Postscript.

October 16, 1996 - Public access to selected EPIC times series. Currently available are FOCI time series from current meter moorings in the Alaska region.

August 17, 1996 - PMEL OCRD Five Year Plan Presentation.

August 14, 1996 - Overview of EPIC System Library for data file I/O from Fortran/C.

August 9, 1996 - Web Gateways to Oceanographic in-situ Data presented at the Federal Webmasters Workshop 1996 and Winner of Federal Showcase Award

July 16, 1996 - Documentation for EPIC netCDF data file Conventions for shipboard ADCP data are available in draft form. See also General PMEL-EPIC netCDF Conventions.

July 15, 1996 - Public access to selected oceanographic in-situ observational data, using the EPIC Web Browser for on-line data selection and dynamically generated data plots and listings. A small but growing number of hydrographic data sets from PMEL and other locations (e.g., the Reid and Mantyla bottle data atlas) is available on-line.

May 7, 1996 - Java enhanced access to EPIC oceanographic profile data

May 3, 1996 - Clickable map for user specification of geographic coordinates available at ftp.epic.noaa.gov in directory /epic/webtools/clickable-map/.

March 25, 1996 - Java-enhanced data delivery

Dec 21, 1995 Local PMEL EPIC profile data on-line - This is a prototype, for local access only. An overview is available.

Nov 17, 1995 EPIC INGRES: data management and database communications and Overview of local PMEL EPIC INGRES database structure on line.

Sep 11, 1995 OACES Bottle Data on-line with the EPIC Web Browser : Live, on-the-fly graphics and data download.

Sep 1, 1995 EPIC System Library (EPSLIB): Documentation for the EPIC data file Input/Output library is on-line on the World Wide Web.

June 14, 1995 EPIC Web Browser: Live, on-the-fly graphics and data download via the World Wide Web, illustrated with EPIC CTD data. (prototype) See NOAA World Wide Web Workshop presentation for details.

June 6, 1995 NOAA/PMEL participation in GOIN: The Global Observing Information Network (GOIN) Initiative is part of the "Common Agenda of the United States - Japan Framework for a New Economic Partnership" which was agreed to in July 1993 by the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Japan. The GOIN bridges the Pacific Ocean by enabling researchers and policy makers from either country to access data from the other by computer.

May 15, 1995 PMEL Pacific CTD data base - available in-house via Ingres-based data select program (epicselect).

April 14, 1995 MATLAB Interface for EPIC, netCDF. Available at ftp.epic.noaa.gov

March 23, 1995 EPIC Plans for 1995: Including prototype Motif EPIC Graphical User Interface.

March 23, 1995 EPIC progress in 1994.

February 9, 1995 Shipboard ADCP support included in EPIC: Example Analysis of CTD-ADCP Section and Example ADCP Velocity Plot