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State Resources: 2007 Healthcare Quality Report State rankings, tables, and snapshots on specific measures


2007 National Healthcare Quality & Disparities Reports
NHQRnet & NHDRnet Online Data Query Systems
2007 State Snapshots Quality Information & Comparisons

Measuring Healthcare Quality

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National Healthcare Quality Report

NHQRnet Data Query System
2007 Report, State Snapshots
2006 Report/Appendixes, State Snapshots
2005 Report/Appendix, State Snapshots
2004 Report
          Child and Adolescent Health Care: 2004 NHQR & NHDR Findings
          Women's Health Care in the United States: 2004 NHQR & NHDR Findings
2003 Report/Summary
Background on the Measures Development Process
List of Measures
Technical Expert Panel Meeting on Home Health Measures

National Healthcare Disparities Report

NHDRnet Data Query System
2007 Report
2006 Report/Appendixes
2005 Report/Appendix
2004 Report, Disparities in Rural Areas: Selected Findings from the 2004 NHDR
2003 Report/Summary
Background on the Measures Development Process
List of Measures

AHRQ Quality Indicators

Development of the Next Generation of AHRQ Quality Indicators
HCUP Quality Indicators: Fact Sheet
Quality Indicators Learning InstituteNew!

Ambulatory Care: Clinical Performance Measures

Background Document
Recommended Starter Set

Tools & Resources

AHRQ Summit—Improving Health Care Quality for All Americans: Celebrating Success, Measuring Progress, Moving Forward
   Summit Summary / Video Summary
Child Health Care Quality Toolbox: Measuring Quality in Children's Health Programs
Creation of New Race-Ethnicity Codes and Socioeconomic Status (SES) Indicators for Medicare Beneficiaries
The Challenge and Potential for Assuring Quality Health Care for the 21st Century
Emergency Severity Index, Version 4: Implementation Handbook
Health Care Efficiency Measures: Identification, Categorization, and Evaluation
Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture
   Year 2 Comparative Database Submission Information
   2008 Comparative Database Report
   2007 Comparative Database Report
   Nursing Home Survey on Patient Safety: User's GuideNew!
Measures Sought for National Quality Measures Clearinghouse™
Oregon Consumer Scorecard Project
Q-SPAN: Expanding and Improving Quality of Care Measures
AHRQ Tools and Resources for Better Health Care

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