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The NOAA History site is the result of the work of many individuals throughout 3d history pageNOAA who have been inspired by the work of the ancestor agencies of NOAA. These agencies loomed large in the formation of the American science community as it exists today and not incidentally were and continue to be responsible for the saving of thousands of lives through warnings, forecasts, charts, and other products that help American citizens every day.

NOAA and its ancestor organizations have also had an enormous economic impact on our Nation. Mariners and aircraft pilots have moved trillions of tons of cargo and millions of passengers through our sea ports and airports by navigating with NOAA charts; thousands of daily operational decisions by managers and supervisors have been and are presently made on the basis of weather forecasts; and the assessment, monitoring, and conservation of our American fisheries is the result of NOAA science.

Several organizations and individuals within NOAA made contributions to the NOAA History site including:

  • Design, development and site management of the NOAA History Site by the NOAA Office of the CIO/High Performance Computing and Communications web team consisting of Janet Ward, Larry Kelly and Sarmah Sarnor.

  • NOAA History Site content selection and organization by Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA Corps (ret.), presently with the NOAA Central Library as a Technical Information Specialist.

  • Weather Bureau History : Dr. Gary Grice, Deputy Director of the Storm Prediction Center at Norman, Oklahoma; Mr. Alan Rezek of the Charleston, West Virginia, Weather Service Forecast Office; Mr. Dan Smith, Chief of the Southern Region Scientific Services Division; Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA Corps (ret.), NOAA Central Library; and many others.

  • Coast and Geodetic Survey History: Captain Albert E. Theberge, NOAA Corps (ret.), NOAA Central Library; Ms. Carol Baldwin, Office of NOAA Corps Operations; Ms. Sheila Schrier, formerly of Office of NOAA Corps Operations, now with the National Marine Fisheries Service; Commander Roger Morris, NOAA Corps (ret.); Ms. Grace Sollers, retired from the National Geodetic Survey; and the donations of pictures, anecdotes, diaries, etc. from many, many individuals and families.

  • National Marine Fisheries Service History: Ms. Brenda Figuerido of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center; Edgar Kleindinst of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center; and Ms. Anneka Bane of NMFS Headquarters.

Besides the above-mentioned individuals, there have been many, many others who have given of their time and resources. Patrons and friends of this project have included Rear Admiral William Stubblefield of the Office of NOAA Corps Operations; Ms. Janice Beattie, Acting Director of the NOAA Central Library; Captains David MacFarland and Andrew Armstrong of the Office of Coast Survey; Assistant Administrator Rolland Schmitten of the National Marine Fisheries Service; Mr. Larry Mordock of NOAA's Pacific Marine Center at Seattle, Washington; Dr. William Hooke of the NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research; Mr. Robert Hansen and Ms. Joyce Gross of the NOAA Office of Public and Constituent Affairs; Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren, NOAA Corps (ret.); Dr. Harris B. Stewart, formerly chief oceanographer of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and the founder of the NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories; Dr. Marc Rothenberg of the Smithsonian Institution and editor of the Joseph Henry Papers; and Dr. Nathan Houser of the University of Indiana at Indianapolis and editor of the Peirce Edition Project. The late Dr. Ned Ostenso, formerly Assistant Administrator for Oceanic and Atmospheric Research was a friend, advocate, and supporter of those who labor to capture NOAA's History. There have also been many others who have helped, encouraged, and supported this project and apology is offered to those who have not been mentioned herein.

Continuing Support for the
NOAA History Site

The NOAA History site will continue to grow as additional information is gathered and assimilated onto the site. If you would like to share : copies of biographical and autobiographical information concerning individuals who spent their careers in NOAA or its ancestor agencies; pertinent writings concerning personal experiences or accounts of project histories from NOAA or its ancestor organizations; poetry and art from NOAA or NOAA ancestor agency employees; photographs, movies, slides, or other media concerning NOAA or its ancestor agencies; or any other sort of information that you feel may be of historical value to NOAA, please contact:

Captain Albert E. "Skip" Theberge, NOAA Corps (ret.)
Phone: 301-713-2600 X-124
Address: NOAA Central Library
1315 East West Highway
SSMC#3, 2nd Floor
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

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Last Updated: June 8, 2006 9:24 AM

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