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For Peer Reviewers

All original research articles submitted to Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD), and a number of other types of articles, undergo rigorous evaluation by at least two peer reviewers. We ask peer reviewers to assess manuscripts for importance, originality, clarity, validity, adequacy of methods, and other qualities. Reviewers make recommendations to PCD editorial staff to accept, accept after minor revision, reconsider after major revision, or reject. The editor in chief of PCD makes final publication decisions. We have a single-blind review process; while authors are identified to reviewers, reviewers remain anonymous.

Preventing Chronic Disease would like to express our sincere thanks for the peer reviewers who volunteer their time and share their expertise for the benefit of the journal's authors and readers. Thank you all for helping to make our first year a success.

A. Adams

P. Adams

D. Ahern

D. Ahnen

B. Ainsworth

L. Akinbami

M. Alekshun

C. Alexander

V. Alexander

A. Alonso

H. Amaro

J. Armer

N. Atkinson

S. Babb

L. Baker

P. Baker

H. Balcazar

M. Balluff

K. Moon Bang

M. Baptiste

J. Barnoya

T. Barrett

A. Bauman

C. Beartusk

A. Benjamin

J. Berkowitz

B. Berman

J. Bernhardt

L. Biener

M. Bienia

D. Biglin

L. Blasini-Alsivar

D. Blodgett

J. Blumenthal

C. Boddie-Willis

C. Borgen

L. Boss

J. Boucher

D. Bowen

A. Bowers

I. Brady

K. Brady

M. Brady

P. Braveman

E. Breslau

N. Brewer

C. Brewton

M. Brick

J. Britton

N. Brownstein

D. Buck

N. Burke

C. Callaghan

S. Carney-Oleksyk

O. Carter

P. Carter

S. Casanova

J. Casebolt

V. Cavallaro

L. Chaput

V. Chavez

A. Cheadle

P. Ching

J. Chriqui

C. Clark

K. Clark

C. Claybrooke

R. Coates

M. Connor

J. Copeland

L. Couey

S. Coughlin

R. Cox

N. Crepaz

J. Dale

A. Dannenberg

A. Davis

R. Davis

C. Delnevo

J. Desai

B. Dietz

M. Dignan

J. Dillaha

J. Doetsch

J. Domen

M. Dong

S. Dorman

M. Dowell

C. Dunn

D. Dwyer

D. Dzewaltowski

J. Edwards

M. Eigenbrodt

M. Eisenberg

J. Elder

A. Ellestad

J. Ellsworth

T. Eng

M. Engelgau

P. Engelke

S. Ennett

J. Erney

P. Estabrooks

A. Evans

K. Evers

D. Fick

R. Fields

J. Fincham

H. Fink

J. Fisher

M. Fleming-Moran

S. Foerster

J. Forster

M. Forthofer

V. Francisco

L. Frank

H. Frumkin

S. Gabriel

P. Gaddy

J. Galbraith

D. Galuska

L. Gamm

A. Garcia

J. Garoon

N. Gelbard

R. German

S. Gerrior

B. Giles-Corti

C. Gilmore

E. Gilpin

M. Givel

R. Glasgow

D. Glotzbach

R. Goetzel

D. Goff

R. Goodman

K. Goodrick

P. Gordon-Larsen

S. Gortmaker

T. Goyal

L. Graaf

A. Graber

R. Grant

K. Greenlund

A. Greiner

J. Grider

R. Haase

D. Hagan

M. Halpern

G. Hariharan

T. Harwell

J. Hatten

D. Hawkins

J. Hay

G. Heath

D. Hennrikus

M. Hochberg

D. Hoffman

D. Holben

N. Holmes

M. Holmes-Rovner

C. Holt

J. Holt

C. Hong

J. Hootman

I. Horn

K. Horn

S. Horner

R. Hornik

M. Hrywna

F. Hu

P. Huang

S. Hughes

P. Hunt

A. Hutchins

R. Hyner

M. Irwin

B. Israel

L. Jack

C. Jackson

B. Jackson-Smoot

N. James

M. Jefferds

B. Jeffery

S. Jerome

A. Johnson

R. Johnson

P. Joyner

S. Kad

B. Kallestad

R. Kaufman

M. Kegler

K. Kelly

M. Khoury

M. Kittleson

C. Klabunde

M. Klein Buller

P. Knight

B. Knishkowy

G. Kreps

M. Kreuter

K. Kronenberg

K. Krueger

D. Krummel

D. Lackland

B. Lancaster

K. Land

J. Lando

S. Langston

A. Lanza

B. Laraia

L. Larsen

M. Laya

C. Lee

I. Lee

C. Lefebvre

R. Leischow

B. Leonard

L. Leonard

H. Lett

D. Levy

J. Lewis

M. Lewis

J. Librett

L. Liburd

M. Liebman

L. Linnan

B. Locker

E. Logue

M. Lydon-Rochelle

S. Lyon-Callo

G. MacDonald

L. MacDougall

D. Mace

L. Mack

S. Maddigan

J. Maddock

A. Malone

M. Manocchia

A. Marbella

D. Marrero

M. Maskay

D. Matheson

G. Maupome

A. Meinen

H. Meischke

J. Meiser

H. Meissner

N. Mendias

S. Mendis

U. Menon

M. Metzler

K. Meyerson

S. Miller

K. Miner

J. Mitchell

P. Morgan

W. Mosher

J. Moskowitz

M. Muhktar

F. Mullan

D. Murphy

H. Murphy

B. Myers

M. Myers

A. Naidoo

D. Nelson

D. Nicholas

D. Nielson

J. Nye-McKeown

P. O’Connor

K. O’Connor-Watson

K. Oertling

I. Okosun

M. Owens

J. Ozias

R. Palombo

D. Parker

A. Paschal

D. Pate

T. Patton

L. Peipins

S. Percifield

S. Perry

K. Petersmarck

A. Peterson

K. Peterson

J. Piette

V. Pilgrim

J. Pleis

B. Popkin

I. Prabhu Das

B. Pryor

E. Puckett

M. Puffer

S. Quinn

G. Quintero

V. Radosavljevic

S. Rao

N. Record

M. Reyes

S. Roberson

M. Ronan

L. Rongzhu

W. Rosamond

R. Rudd

R. Ruiz Reyes

P. Rumm

D. Saddler

A. Sales

A. Salyer-Caldwell

M. Saraiya

D. Satterfield

P. Scariati

R. Schaeffer

J. Schmier

A. Schneider

M. Schulze

L. Seeff

J. Seymour

M. Shannon

J. Shapiro

J. Sharkey

D. Shepard

N. Sherwood

J. Shisler

J. Shoemaker

E. Simoes

P. Simon

G. Singh

M. Skeer

A. Skelly

H. Skinner

M. Small

J. Smith

J. Smith

J. Sniezek

E. Sologaistoa

G. Sorenson

K. Speakman

J. Sperl-Hillen

D. Stark

A. Stewart

S. Stewart

D. Stokols

R. Strack

R. Struthers

E. Sumartojo

A. Sundaram

J. Sunderlin

S. Sutphen

A. Sutterluety

S. Tann

M. Tate

L. Taub

C. Taylor

S. Telljohann

C. Themann

P. Thomas

S. Thomas-Vadaparampil

H. Thompson

P. Troped

T. Tsoukalas

A. Turner-Henson

A. Tyagi

S. Tynes

K. Unland

T. Valente

L. Verity

R. Villarreal

M. Wade

D. Walker

V. Walker

C. Wang

J. Ware

H. Wechsler

C. Wellesley-Cole Morgan

L. Wheeler

R. Whitaker

M. Whitt

D. Wigand

S. Wilcox

D. Williams

S. Williams

K. Wilson

G. Windham

M. Winslow

C. Winston

B. Wiser

M. Wisotzky

N. Wolinsky

A. Wolkenstein

J. Woodward

L. Wulsin

A. Yancey

W. Young

R. Zambrana

P. Zapp

M. Zaremba

S. Zaza

B. Zettler

K. Zinn



The opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the authors’ affiliated institutions. Use of trade names is for identification only and does not imply endorsement by any of the groups named above. URLs for nonfederal organizations are provided solely as a service to our users. URLs do not constitute an endorsement of any organization by CDC or the federal government, and none should be inferred. CDC is not responsible for the content of Web pages found at these URLs.

 How to Submit Manuscript 
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