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Paper-Based Manuals

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Paper-based manuals' are CMS manuals that were officially released in hardcopy. The majority of these manuals were transferred into the Internet-only manual (IOM) or retired from the manual. Pub 15-1, Pub 15-2 and Pub 45 are exceptions to this rule and are still active Paper-Based Manuals. The remaining paper-based manuals are for reference purposes only. If you notice policy contained in the paper-based manuals that was not transferred to the IOM, send a message via the CMS Feedback tool.

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06Coverage Issues Manual
09The Outpatient Physical Therapy/CORF Manual
10The Hospital Manual
11The Home Health Agency Manual
12The Skilled Nursing Facility Manual
13The Intermediary Manual
14The Carriers Manual
15-1The Provider Reimbursement Manual - Part 1
15-2The Provider Reimbursement Manual - Part 2
19The Peer Review Organization Manual
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