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Oceans and Climate Group

Research Staff

Robert Hallberg (Group Head)
Alistair Adcroft (AOS)
Stephen Griffies
Sonya Legg (AOS)
Bonnie L. Samuels
Robbie Toggweiler
Geoff Vallis (AOS)

Visiting Scientists

Whit Anderson
Riccardo Farneti
Thomas Haine
Laura Jackson
Rong Rong Zhao


The primary goal of scientists in GFDL's Oceans and Climate Group is to provide fundamental understanding of the ocean's role in the earth's physical climate system and global biogeochemical cycles.
There are three main facets of this research.

  1. Investigations into basic elements of the ocean, such as physical processes and their parameterization, dynamics of the large-scale ocean general circulation, mechanisms for paleoclimate fluctuations and transitions, biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, and ocean ecosystem dynamics.
  2. The formulation of scientific descriptions for how various parts of the ocean system interact amongst themselves as well as other components of the climate system, such as sea ice and the atmosphere.
  3. The development of state-of-the-art numerical models which provide an experimental apparatus for testing hypotheses, rationalizing observations, interpreting paleoclimate data, and projecting anthropogenic climate change.

Research and Development

GFDL Ocean Modeling

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