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Citizen Corps Councils

Council Profiles and Resources

Fortunately, implementing Citizen Corps in your community can be accomplished with resources that you may already have available. Volunteer agencies in your community and your Volunteer Center, if you have one, can help you better direct volunteer interest to Citizen Corps activities. There are many low-cost ways for local businesses to participate; by donating the cost of a publication, by sponsoring a Citizen Corps volunteer fair, by sponsoring training for employees or neighborhood residents, and by practicing emergency preparedness plans for the business. The federal and state governments will provide training materials and technical assistance to help you get started and to help you sustain the momentum.

Periodically, there will be federal funds available that support the Citizen Corps mission. These funds may be provided directly to local entities from the federal government or may be provided to local governments through the state. Information on these resources will be provided as they become available.

Citizen Corps Councils in Action!

The following ten profiles highlight examples of successful Citizen Corps Councils who openly share their experiences in adapting the national mission to fit the unique attributes of their community. They share promising practices and lessons learned to inspire and assist other communities in their efforts in collaboration and implementation. Their experiences demonstrate the practical application of the steps outlined in Citizen Corps: A Guide for Local Officials, and assist, not only local officials, but also other community leaders and members, volunteer organizations, faith-based organizations, businesses/trade groups, and service providers, willing to commit time, ideas, and/or resources to make communities safer, stronger and better prepared.

Many thanks to the communities profiled here and for their willingness to give their time and energy to capture their activities for the benefit of other communities around the country. They have also offered their assistance in mentoring other communities – please contact the Citizen Corps Council points of contact if you have specific questions.