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Collage of WW2 signs and women with weather observation instrument.
celebrating 200 years of americas science and service noaa legacy 1807 - 2007

NOAA History is an intrinsic part of the history of the United States and the
development of its science and commercial infrastructure. (more)

noaa legacy - america's oldest science agency

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NOAA Celebrates 200 Years of Science, Service and Stewardship

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women with meterological instrument; Janet Ward, 2004
Poster Gallery
A growing collection of posters created to honor NOAA's 200 Year Legacy.

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Gallery of
Historic Films

View streaming video clips of early survey work at your desktop!.

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NOAA and the Preserve America Initiative

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More NOAA History from Around the Nation

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drawing of a tornado
NOAA Photo

More than 20,000 public domain images. Photographs dating from the late 19th century; images from the 1600's.

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NOAA Legacy
Although NOAA was formed in 1970, the agencies that came together at that time are among the oldest in the Federal Government.
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Hall of Honor
Honoring individuals who gave their lives while on duty; those who provided exceptional service to the Nation.
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picture of
Profiles In Time
Biographic sketches of people who worked for NOAA and its ancestor agencies.
stories and tales

Stories and Tales

Join men and women as they tell stories about the sea, about the sky, and about the Earth we live on....

banner - a nation at war
A Nation At War
Personal accounts and stories from those who served our country during the Civil War, World War I and World War II.
tools of the trade
man on horse pulling early measuring device
Tools of the Trade
Tools for working at the office, working in our homes and yards - tools for dining and recreation. Various types of tools are used by scientists also in helping them do their jobs.
Art and Poetry from NOAA's Archives
A gallery of works from the 1800's to the present... including works from James McNeill Whistler who worked for the C&GS.

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