Geophysical Fluid
Dynamics Laboratory

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Technical services

John P. Sheldon, Senior IT Manager, Head of Technical Services

Systems Group

Ron Bewtra, Head of Systems and Visualization Groups
Mark Braunstein, SGI
Jeff Flick, GFDL IT Site Security Officer (ITSSO), Raytheon
Ron Henne
Larry Lewis
Colin Morgan, Raytheon Security Engineer
David Mundhenk, SGI
Mark Negovan, SGI
Bernie Siebers, HPC Team Lead
Thomas "Buz" Taylor
Ed Weiss, SGI
Rich West, Raytheon Site Manager
Robert K. White
Chan Wilson, SGI
Tim Yeager


Bill Shearn, Head of Operations
Douglas Aikin
Justin Bowers, RSIS
Jim Deuringer
Joe Hand
Frank Hopps
John King
Scott Krueger
Jay Ledden
Amar Nehra, RSIS
Garrett Power

Visualization and Applications

Hans Vahlenkamp, UCAR
Remik Ziemlinski, Raytheon

Library and Web Services

Bea Amend
Gail Haller

Scientific Illustration

Catherine Raphael
Jefferey Varanyak


How to get Help

Help with Remote Access


Library and Web Services

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last modified: November 10 2007.