The U.S. Census Bureau

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Federal Assistance Award Data System


Individual Federal awarding agencies which provide Federal Assistance Award Data System data to the Census Bureau are fully and solely responsible for the content of the data files. Title 31 Section 6102(a) of the United States Code requires the establishment of a uniform system for reporting information on Federal government financial assistance transactions, formally known as the Federal Assistance Award Data System. In 1982, the Office of Management and Budget designated the Census Bureau as the Executive Agent for the Federal Assistance Award Data System. This designation requires the Census Bureau to receive data files from Federal awarding agencies and disseminate the data to the public through electronic files. Data users should understand when accessing data from all Internet sources populated with Federal Assistance Award Data System, Consolidated Federal Funds Report, or Federal Aid to States data that the Census Bureau is not the originator, but the repository of, the Federal agency award transaction information. Questions relating to individual Federal awarding agency data should be submitted to that Federal awarding agency for response, not to the Census Bureau.