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Law Enforcement Services

Part of the FBI Mission is "to provide leadership and criminal justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international agencies and partners." That means many things, from fingerprint and DNA analysis to professional training to reports and statistics. You can learn a lot about how law enforcement partnerships work on terrorist, spy, and criminal cases just by clicking on the links below.

To Find Out About Criminal Justice Information Services

- Fingerprints: IAFIS, or Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System
- Fingerprints: General Information and How to Take Them
- Fingerprints: How to Request Your Fingerprint Record
- Fingerprints: Law Enforcement Orders for Cards and Training Aids
- Fingerprints: FBI Laboratory Latent Fingerprints
- Fingerprints: FBI Checks on Employees of Banks and Related Entities
- Gun-Buying Background Checks: NICS, or National Instant Criminal Background Check System
- LEO, or Law Enforcement Online
- National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact
- NCIC, or National Crime Information Center
- Publications/Reports: Crime in the United States
- Publications/Reports: Hate Crime Statistics
- Publications/Reports: Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
- UCR, or Uniform Crime Reporting: Categories, FAQs, Brochure
- UCR: NIBRS, or National Incident-Based Reporting System

To Find Out How to Protect Against Espionage

- Counterintelligence Domain Program

To Find Out Criminal Justice Research Resources & Citations at the FBI Library

- Visit the FBI Library. Lending of materials is restricted to law enforcement..

To Find Out About Laboratory Services and Technical Services

- CIRG, or the Critical Incident Response Group
- CODIS, or Combined DNA Index System
- Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research
- Disaster Squad
- ERTs, or Evidence Response Teams
- Forensic Examinations, everything from chemical analysis...to DNA analysis...to explosives...to firearms-toolmarks...to document analysis...to cryptanalysis...to trace evidence and everything in between
- HAZMAT, or Hazardous Material Response Teams
- Publications/Reports: Forensic Science Communications
- Publications/Reports: The Handbook of Forensic Services
- Publications/Reports: The FBI Laboratory Annual Report
- RCFLs, or Regional Computer Forensic Laboratories
- Trial preparation

To Find Out About Law Enforcement Training

- Visit the FBI Academy and find out about International Training Programs, the National Academy, and Hogans Alley
- FBI Virtual Academy for Law Enforcement

To Find Out About Law Enforcement Partnerships

- FBI's Office of Law Enforcement Coordination
- Asset Forfeiture program
- Publications/Reports: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

To Find Out How Law Enforcement Forecasts Future Threats

- The Futures Working Group