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Reports & Publications

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On the FBI...

- The FBI Strategic Plan, 2004-2009 (pdf) | html text only version
- Facts and Figures, 2003
- Significant Guidance Documents

On terrorism...

- National Intelligence Estimate: The Terrorist Threat to the U.S. Homeland, July 2007 (pdf)
- The FBI's Counterterrorism Program Since September 2001 (pdf)
- Terrorism 2002-2005 (pdf) (html)
- Terrorism 2000/2001 (pdf) (html version )
- Terrorism in the United States: 1996 (pdf)  |  1997 (pdf)  |  1998 (pdf) |  1999 (pdf)

A Chronology of Significant International Terrorism for 2004

- Country Reports on Terrorism 2006
- CONPLAN: U.S. Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations (pdf)

On cyber issues...

- A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
- Online Child Pornography/Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations
- 2006 Internet Crime Report (pdf)

On white-collar crime...

- 2007 Mortgage Fraud Report
- 2006 Mortgage Fraud Report
- 2007 National Money Laundering Strategy (pdf) 
- Financial Crimes Report to the Public 2007 | 2006 (html) (pdf) | 2005 (html) (pdf)
- Financial Institution Fraud and Failure Reports 2000-2001 (html)  - pdf version
- Financial Institution Fraud and Failure Reports: 2002 (pdf)  |  2003 (pdf) | 2004 (pdf) | 2004 (html) | 2005 (pdf) | 2005 (html)
- Mass Marketing Fraud: Awareness and Prevention Tips
- Securities Fraud Awareness and Prevention Tips
- Insurance Fraud: Program Overview and Consumer Information

On violent crime...

- Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives for Investigators (July 2008): (pdf) | (html)
- A Parent's Quick Reference Card: Recognizing and Preventing Gang Involvement (pdf)
- 2005 National Gang Threat Assessment (pdf)
- Crime in Schools and Colleges: A Study of Offenders and Arrestees Reported via National Incident-Based Reporting System Data (pdf) | (html)
- The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective (pdf)
- Workplace Violence Report (pdf)
- Bank Crime Report 2007 : Quarter 4 | Quarter 3 | Quarter 2 | Quarter 1 | 2006 (html) (pdf) | 2005 (html) (pdf) | 2004 (html) (pdf) | 2003 (html) (pdf)

On law enforcement services...


FBI Laboratory 2005 (pdf) (html)

- The Law Enforcement Bulletin
- Forensic Science Communications
- Handbook of Forensic Services (pdf)
- Police and Augmented Reality Technology (pdf)
- Security Clearance Process for State and Local Law Enforcement (html)  -  pdf version 

NICS 2005 Operations Report (pdf) (html)


On statistics...

- Uniform Crime Reports: Crime in the United States
- Uniform Crime Reports: Hate Crime Statistics
- Uniform Crime Reports: Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
- NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics for 2007
- FBI Equal Employment Opportunity Report 1999-2004 (html)  -  pdf version