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Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees
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Different Subsectors Sample Occupations


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From the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing

Some firms reimburse employees for educational expenses at colleges and universities, emphasizing 4-year degrees and postgraduate studies. Professionals, such as engineers and scientists, require a bachelor's degree in a specialized field. For some jobs, particularly in research and development, a master's or doctoral degree may be preferred.

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Chemical Manufacturing, Except Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing

Despite recent reductions in the workforce, the chemical industry offers career opportunities for persons with varying levels of experience and education. Continue...

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Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing

Workers with different levels of education find employment opportunities in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry. Entry to engineering occupations generally requires at least a bachelor's degree in engineering, although those with 4-year degrees in physical science, computer science, or another technical area sometimes qualify as well. Continue...

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Food Manufacturing

Formal educational requirements for managers in food manufacturing plants range from 2-year degrees to master's degrees. Those who hold research positions, such as food scientists, usually need a master's or doctoral degree. College graduates or highly experienced workers are preferred for middle-management or professional jobs in personnel, accounting, marketing, or sales.

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Machinery Manufacturing

Management and professional occupations generally require a bachelor's degree in the particular field, though some management positions are filled by experienced production workers. Most engineer jobs in the industry require a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or one of their specialties. Because engineers tend to be familiar with both design and production issues within the company, it is possible for them to advance into the upper levels of management.

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Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing

Training requirements for jobs in the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry range from a few hours of on-the-job training to years of formal education plus job experience. More than 6 out of 10 of all workers have a bachelor's, master's, professional, or Ph.D. degree-twice the proportion for all industries combined. The industry places a heavy emphasis on continuing education for employees, and many firms provide classroom training in safety, environmental and quality control, and technological advances. Continue...

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Steel Manufacturing

To work as an engineer or scientist, or in some other technical occupations in the steel industry, a college education is necessary. Many workers in administrative and managerial occupations have degrees in business or possess a combination of technical and business degrees. A master's degree may give an applicant an advantage in getting hired or help an employee advance. Managers need strong problem-solving, planning, and supervisory skills.

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Sample Occupations


What you'll be doing all day: It's obvious that you'll be outside, gathering geological, geochemical, and geophysical data from the Earth. But you'll also be doing everything from computer modeling to advising other companies and government agencies.

Picture yourself helping create a housing foundation that resists mudslides. Maybe you're designing a more ecologically friendly way to drill for oil. You might even work for a well manufacturer, bringing water to third-world countries.

What someone with a little experience makes (roughly): $68,600

What type of education you'll need: Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree

To learn more about this and other jobs in advanced
manufacturing, visit our partner site, DreamIt-DoIt.


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What you'll be doing all day: How are different chemicals going to react with living things? This is where you come in. You may be researching what a certain chemical or drug does (both good and bad) to the human body. You might be designing tests-or even finding cures-for diseases.

New food processing or storage methods might be a way you spend your time. You could be determining nutritional values or figuring out a new way to purify different compounds. But bottom line, your scientific and analytical skills will be put to the test every day.

What someone with a little experience makes (roughly): $60,400

What type of education you'll need: Ph.D.

To learn more about this and other jobs in advanced
manufacturing, visit our partner site, DreamIt-DoIt.


(Source: Manufacturing Institute)

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