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Biospheric Processes Group

Research Staff

Hiram Levy (Group Head)
John P. Dunne
Songmiao Fan
Arlene F. Fiore
Jasmin G. John
Bud Moxim
Marian B. Westley


Michael Bender
Stephen Dery
Stefan Gerber
Anand Gnanadesikan [ GFDL ]
Manuel Gloor
Lars Hedin
Larry W. Horowitz [ GFDL ]
Sergey Malyshev
Irina Marinov
Steve Pacala
Jorge Sarmiento
Lori A. Sentman (nee Thompson)
Elena Shevliakova
Jennifer E. Simeon
Richard D. Slater
Colm Sweeney
Ronald J. Stouffer [ GFDL ]
J. Robert Toggweiler [ GFDL ]
Mahesh J. Phadnis
Tracey Holloway
Huiyan Yang

Princeton University Students

Daniele Bianchi
Chris Little
Yves Plancherel
Yuanyuan Fang
Kelly Kearney
Patrick Schultz

Princeton PostDocs

Eric D. Galbraith
Michael R. Hiscock
Sara E. Mikakaloff-Fletcher
Vaishali Naik
Arnico Panday
Keith B. Rodgers
Charles Stock


The Biospheric Processes group will work to understand the interactions and feedback of the earth's biosphere with its climate and assess the impact of natural variability and past, present, and future human activities.

Research and Development

Earth System Model Development Team ( ESMDT )

Princeton/GFDL Contribution to the Ocean Carbon Model Intercomparison Project ( OCMIP )

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