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2008 Reports

The Gulf Coast: Economic Recovery
Two Years after the Hurricanes

After two years, Federal aid in response to Hurricane Katrina (August 2005) and Hurricane Rita (September 2005) continues flowing to the Gulf Coast and significant economic recovery in Louisiana and Mississippi is evident.  While showing some progress, economic conditions in New Orleans, Louisiana and Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi, however, have not fully recovered.  This is the sixth and final report by the Economics and Statistics Administration on the economic effects of these hurricanes.  This report focuses on the economic recovery that has occurred since the hurricanes ravaged the Gulf Coast over two years ago.

Read the entire sixth report: December 2007

Read earlier reports:   Report #1, October 2005
                                    Report #2, December 2005
                                    Report #3, April 2006
                                    Report #4, October 2006
                                    Report #5, May 2007

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Note: You would need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see these documents.

The earlier reports contain data and information that have been revised and updated in later reports.  The result is that data between reports may not be consistent.

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