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Schedule B Export Codes


    About Schedule B Codes...

    There are millions of trade transactions occurring each year. These transactions are classified under approximately 8,000 different products leaving the United States. Every item that is exported is assigned a unique 10-digit identification code. Every 10-digit item is part of a series of progressively broader product categories. For example, concentrated frozen apple juice is assigned a 10-digit identifier that is aggregated into a broader category assigned a 6-digit identifier described as apple juice. The 6-digit identifier described as apple juice is aggregated into a broader category assigned a 4-digit identifier described as fruit juices and vegetable juices, etc. The 4-digit identifier is further aggregated into a broader category assigned a 2-digit identifier described as Preparations of Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts etc.


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    Concordance files for AES Users

    Year 2008:
    Note: These files are subject to change at any time. Please check back periodically for the most recent files.




View the obsolete Schedule B codes. Consult the top of each document to find out when the codes are no longer valid.

Year 2007

Year 2008











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- A processing error caused incorrect deflators to be applied to the revised monthly data for 2007 in the December 2007 FT900. Correct data is now available.

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2003 AES Option 4 Moratorium
Option 4 Filing Review Process Suspended

- FT900: U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services
- FT900A: U.S. Imports for Consumption of Steel Products

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Best Practices for maintaining AES Compliance are now available.

FT900 in Microsoft Excel.:
With the release of the July 2007 statistics, the FT900 will be available in Microsoft Excel.

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