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Ocean Share 
Collaborative Tool for
Integrated Browse of Data
from Multiple Archives

OceanShare provides on-the-fly production of integrated browse images from in situ datasets stored at two or more geographically-distributed data archives, and allows two or more scientists at different locations to view these images and have annotations simultaneously appear on all collaborating scientists desktops. All collaborating scientists can interactively post messages and change the data being displayed.

The OceanShare effort was initiated utilizing the Habanero environment, and most recently, OceanShare has been migrated to use JINI and JavaSpaces for collaborative functionality and use of the Climate Data Portal, Dapper, and ncBrowse for remote data access. OceanShare contains collaborative features, such as text and line annotations, high-lighting individual profiles, display of data values, and support multiple users. Future efforts involve improving OceanShare based on user feedback.


2004-05-24. New security feature to restrict session membership. Sessions can be saved/restored to/from an XML file. New remote data access includes Dapper (in-situ OPeNDAP server) and ncBrowse. Enhanced graphical functionality includes ability to overlay gridded model results with in-situ observations.
2002-08-05. A new version of OceanShare based on JINI and JavaSpaces for collaborative functionality and using the Climate Data Portal for remote data access has been released. This beta version is being released for comment and suggestions. Examples, documentation, and help will be updated at a future time. The new version includes:
  • Annotation capabilities (line, oval, rectangle, text, and point).
  • Built-in chat.
  • Secure and open sessions.
  • Time series, profile, map, and section plotting capabilities.
  • On-line and off-line collaboration modes.


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