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The Wright brothers' story spans a number of years and countries. In 1971, the Library of Congress assembled this collection of the Wright brothers' adventures and achievements with the assistance of the Wrights' own journals and other historical sources of the time.

Below is an excerpt from the Preface of this amazing book.

"Commemorating the 100th anniversary in 1971 of the birth of Orville Wright, the Library here presents a chronology and flight log, through which the fortunes of the Wright brothers and their flying machines may be traced: their early trials, with little of the encouragement of public notices: the growing interest in their work by the time they exhibited their airplane and technique for the Army in 1908; their demonstration flights abroad in 1908 and 1909, which brought them public acclaim and meetings with kings; their triumphant return to the United States, with the presentation of medals by the President and a memorable two-day homecoming celebration in Dayton; the period of public exhibition flying; Wilbur's unexpected death from typhoid fever; the protracted Wright patent litigation with Glenn H. Curtiss; the sale of the Wright Company in 1915; the subsequent retirement of Orville from public life, his lengthy controversy with the Smithsonian Institution, and awards to him of numerous medals and honorary degrees; and finally, the continuing tribute tendered the Wrights in anniversary celebrations and testimonial dinners and the building and dedication of memorials and monuments in their honor."




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