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DOE Initiatives

Please note the following documents are provided in PDF format and require Adobe Reader for viewing.

The President’s Management Agenda has already helped the Department of Energy (DOE) to achieve tangible results, results that are developing new, safe and dependable sources of energy, protecting the environment, and safeguarding our energy security. But the real benefits will be seen in the future, as the new emphasis on results lays the foundation for a revitalized Department.

  • Human Capital Management - The focus of our human capital management (HCM) efforts has been to establish a systematic and comprehensive process to improve the management of human capital within DOE with the principle goal of assisting the Department in meeting its mission objectives for American citizens.
  • Competitive Sourcing - DOE's Competitive Sourcing program is a management initiative aimed at improving DOE’s performance and reducing the Department’s operational costs.
  • Financial Performance - The Department has received clean opinions on its annual financial statements for six straight years with no material internal control weaknesses identified by the auditors.
  • E-Government - The e-Government initiative drives improved information technology management, elimination of redundant processes and increased cyber security. 
  • Budget and Performance Integration - The BPI integrates performance review with budget decisions. This integration is designed to identify high quality outcome measures, accurately monitor the performance of programs, and link resources to performance.
  • Federal Real Property Asset Management - The Federal Real Property Asset Management  Executive Order promotes the efficiency and economical use of Federal real property resources in accordance with their value as national assets and in the best interests of the Nation.
  • R&D Investment Criteria - The goal of the Research and Development Investment Criteria initiative is to measurably improve the performance of the government’s research and development investment.
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