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"In our libraries, our schools, our universities, and throughout our communities, we have the responsibility to ensure that all Americans can get online and get healthy."
Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Partnerships '97

"We hear a lot about how managed care is changing our health care system. What we don't hear is how consumers themselves are changing it. They are increasingly active in managing their own health and medical care. More and more, they are turning to the Internet to get the information they need. This conference makes an important contribution to our understanding [of] these dynamic developments."
Vice President Al Gore, at Partnerships '97

"We should go forward with all the effectiveness of the interactive media, instead of just going forward with particular information. The key is research in the area of health care services."
Lisa Simpson, Acting Administrator, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Partnerships '97

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"The benefits of online services are less emergency room visits, less physician visits, and greater negotiation of doctors with skills."
Tom Ferguson, Senior Associate, Harvard Center for Clinical Computing, Partnerships '97

"When you have a site that's out there competing for attention, you have a lot of noise to rise above."
Michael S. Brown, President and Principal Associate, MSB Associates, Partnerships '97

"The future is owned by those who improve cost and quality."
Charles L. Jacobson, Executive Vice President, Premier, Charlotte, NC, Partnerships '97

"The community is in fact the patient–all the individuals working together."
Caswell A. Evans, Assistant Director of Health Services, Director of Public Health Initiatives, Department of Health Services, Los Angeles County, CA, Partnerships '97


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