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A Hopeful Step Forward

After the encouraging results of their 1900 glider tests, the Wrights returned to Kitty Hawk in 1901 with the largest glider ever built. Hopeful of its performance, they were unaware that the glider tests would lead them to secrets of flight then still unknown.

The Wright Story
1900 gliderWhat happened in 1900?
Education Feature: The Evolution of an Idea
The Lessons of 1901
The goal of the Wright Experience is to fully understand the Wrights' scientific process and achievement. In building as accurate a reproduction as possible and conducting its own tests, the team hopes to gather new insights into the performance of the machine and the genius of the Wrights.
Theory Theory: No original plans exist for the 1901 glider. In order to build an accurate glider, the team must trust the information in diaries, letters, lectures, and photographs taken by the brothers.
Research and Design Research and Design: Tour the assembled machine in detail.
Experiments Experiments: Two settings, two tests, one century apart.
Progress Progress: A new understanding of the Wrights' work at the critical time of 1901 has emerged.

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