FIDO's Founders was conceived in 1996 by Dr. Kennett Fussell and Mr. Bruce Troutman with the goal to provide
all federal agencies with the capability to report information easily and more accurately than ever before.

FIDO systems support more than 5,000 staff across all federal agencies through GSA's FACA management
program and OMB's Financial Inventory, Agency Annual Report system (FIPS) and the CFO Council's monthly
Financial Measurement system (CFO-MTS).
GSA and DHS are using FIDO to collect operational data which supports the management of those agencies.
Smaller organizations are using FIDO for web presence and email support.

 Picture of Kennett Fussell, PhD and Bruce Troutman Founders.
Ken Fussell and Bruce Troutman in 1998 at the completion of FACA's annual report.