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About the NOAA Coastal Services Center

The mission of the NOAA Coastal Services Center is to support the environmental, social, and economic well being of the coast by linking people, information, and technology.

Parent Organization: The Coastal Services Center is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Ocean Service. NOAA is housed within the United States Department of Commerce.

Operating Principles:

  • client driven
  • results oriented
  • national in scope, local in approach
  • aligned with partners

Primary Customers:

  • state and local coastal resource managers
  • federal, non-governmental and non-profit organizations

History: The NOAA Coastal Services Center was established in 1994. It is located at the site of a former Navy facility in Charleston, South Carolina.

Organizational Summary: The NOAA Coastal Services Center works with various branches of NOAA and other federal agencies to bring information, services, and technology to the nation's coastal resource managers. The Center is a partner in over 100 ongoing projects geared to resolve site specific coastal issues.

Contact Information:
NOAA Coastal Services Center
2234 South Hobson Avenue
Charleston, SC 29405
843-740-1200 phone
843-740-1224 fax

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Organization and Staff

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