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Learn More about the IT Field

Learn More about the IT Field
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The information technology organization, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has excellent guidance and information on getting started in IT. Click the image below to see what they have to offer.
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Industry Overview

When considering a career in Information Technology, you will soon realize that there are many career options and good jobs available. You will also discover that IT careers offer the flexibility to work in a variety of different industries. Just look around and you can see how much we rely on this technology everyday. Then imagine being part of this exciting, growing, and fast-changing industry.

Today's IT plays a critical role in the work of all major industries as well as being a distinct industry on its own. The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) reports that 92% of all IT workers are in non-IT companies, 80% of which are small companies. Even if the career you choose does not focus solely on IT, the job will likely involve the use of computers and technology to accomplish tasks and process information.

Students interested in becoming IT computer repair technicians or computer support specialists generally can get started with specialized training, an appropriate industry-skill certification, and/or an Associate degree in a computer-related field, plus hands-on experience with computers. Those aspiring to become computer programmers, network engineers, or database administrators usually should plan on at least 4-years of specialized college training.

Technical and professional certifications are also increasing in popularity and importance. IT workers are expected to continually update their knowledge and acquire new skills to remain qualified. In preparing for these credentials, community and technical colleges now play a central role in training new workers, in upgrading the skills of incumbent workers, and in preparing individuals transferring from other occupations.

Individuals interested in an IT career should possess curiosity, have the ability to think logically, and have strong problem-solving skills. A working knowledge of mathematics and good communication skills are also important since troubleshooting, teamwork, and helping others are vital aspects of most of IT jobs. In addition, Web designers and developers also need imaginative and artistic skills. Whether dealing with customers, managers, or other computer specialists, IT professionals need the abilities to solve technical challenges as well as to communicate effectively on paper, in-person, and electronically.

Right now - there are many high-skilled, interesting, and good-paying job opportunities in IT. In fact, America continues to suffer from a shortage of qualified IT workers with flexible and portable skills who can readily adapt and respond to ever-changing IT workplace demands and processes.

From entry-level technicians to computer scientists to chief information officers, there are limitless career possibilities in today's Information Technology. Why not explore how one of these opportunities might benefit you?

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