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EPIC system consists a complete suite of routines for graphical display and data analysis. This system specifically supports oceanographic time series and hydrographic (CTD, XBT, bottle) data. EPIC is a complete system including a data selection module and a suite of over 100 graphics display and analysis programs. System elements for data selection, data display, and data analysis function as independent modules. The system is well documented, with a user manual and extensive on-line help. The system is written in Fortran and C, and all elements are supported for UNIX and VAX/VMS computers.

Following are the lists of EPIC programs for UNIX and VAX/VMS.

EPIC Programs for UNIX (click to see Program Status)

  • allfilts (1) - epic time series filtering program
  • botgrid (1) - grids epic profile data to make contour section plot
  • bottrans (1) - compute geostrophic transports from epic bottle or ctd data
  • bridge (1) - bridges gaps in epic time series data
  • climate extract (1) - epic climatology programs
  • climate extract (1) - epic climatology programs
  • conadcp (1) - contours epic profile data (depth vs lat long dist or time)
  • conctd (1) - contours epic ctd data (depth vs lat long or dist)
  • condat (1) - contours epic ctd data (depth vs lat long or dist)
  • connut (1) - contours epic bottle data (depth vs lat long or dist)
  • consurf (1) - contours epic ctd data on surface (lat vs long)
  • contime (1) - contours epic time series (time vs lat long or depth)
  • covar (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: correlations
  • covspc (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: fourier coefficients
  • ctd4 (1) - plot epic ctd data (x-y line plots)
  • ctdavg (1) - calculates mean profile and statistics for ctd data
  • ctdedit (1) - select subset of epic ctd data
  • ctdfgrid (1) - grids epic profile data to make contour section plot
  • ctdinterp (1) - eliminates "bad" data in scans by linear interpolation
  • ctdiso (1) - locates isopleths in profiles (searches down or upward)
  • ctdlst (1) - list epic ctd data
  • ctdmld (1) - computes mixed layer depth for ctd casts
  • ctdplt (1) - plot epic ctd data (x-y line plots)
  • ctdvar (1) - calculates and adds new variables to EPIC file
  • cvreig (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: time domain EOF
  • datalst (1) - list epic data for input to spreadsheets
  • depcheck (1) - checks bottom depth in epic file headers
  • dsf_spectral_analysis (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis
  • epcopy (1) - copies files and converts classic<->netcdf if desired
  • epic (1) - epic system overview
  • epic (1) - user setup
  • epic_axids (1) - lists x,y,z,t axis keycodes for one or more epic files
  • epic_commonvar (1) - locates variables common to a set of epic files
  • epic_generics (1) - lists generic variables for one or more epic files
  • epic_range (1) - lists space, time, and value range of common variable
  • epic_vars (1) - lists variables contained in one or more epic files
  • harmonic (1) - epic time series tide routines: 29 day harmonic analysis
  • header (1) - lists header/metadata for classic or netcdf epic file
  • lintrn (1) - applies linear transform to epic data
  • locater (1) - plots epic data on a map
  • mapadcp (1) - draws individual u,v vectors on a map
  • pointav (1) - point averages epic data
  • prinax (1) - calculates principal axis of epic time series data
  • rdstats (1) - R2D2 statistics for epic time series data
  • response (1) - epic time series tide routines: response analysis
  • spceig (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: frequency domain EOF
  • spcplt (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: spectra and coherence
  • spctra (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: spectral coefficients
  • statlst (1) - computes statistics for epic data
  • submit_nodc (1) - procedure to submit data to NODC via ftp
  • subsample (1) - subsamples epic data
  • summary (1) - summarizes epic data file headers or lists data
  • timgap (1) - locates gaps in epic time series data
  • timhist (1) - histogram plots of epic time series data
  • timplt (1) - x-y line plots of epic time series data
  • timspike (1) - identify spikes in EPIC time series data
  • timstack (1) - stacked plots of epic time series data
  • timzsec (1) - creates animations from epic time series data
  • trackav (1) - averages interval data along track
  • tsavsig (1) - averages epic ctd temperature, salinity on density surface
  • tsplt (1) - line plots of epic ctd salinity vs temperature
  • varcheck (1) - lists lat, long, and depth or time of epic data
  • worksz (1) - epic time series dsf spectral analysis: worksize

EPIC Programs for VAX/VMS (click to see Program Status)



EPIC Data Selection Program                     {EPIC}



Mean CTD profile                                {CTDAVG}

Mean TS profile                                 {TSAVG}

Subsamples scans, variables                     {CTDEDIT}

Re-grids data in pressure                       {CTDGRID}

Bins data by pressure (vertical average)        {CTDBIN}

Grids bottle data to create 2-d section         {BOTGRID}

Averages t,s along density profile              {TSAVSIG}



Brunt Vaisala frequency                         {CTDBVF}

Isostherm Depths                                {CTDISO}

Calculates desired variables                    {CTDVAR}

Geostrophic velocity                            {CTDVEL}

Gradients dy/dx OR dx/dy from CTD data          {CTDGRAD}

Surface dynamic height for XBT data             {DYNCTD}

Dynamic height ref to level of no motion        {DYNREL}

Lists volume transport                          {CTDTRANS}



CTD x-y plots (overplots up to 50 casts)               {CTDPLT}

CTD x-y plots (overplots up to 4 variables from a cast){CTD4}

General contouring (y-axis is pressure)                {CONCTD}

Contours on pressure surface (x=lon,y=lat)             {CONSURF}

Original contour plots (uses pplus gridding routine)   {CONTOUR}

Nutrient/Bottle contour plots                          {CONNUT}

CTD locations with cast numbers                        {CTDLOC}

CTD temperature-salinity lines (overlays sigma-t)      {TSPLT}



Lists data                                      {STDLST}

Windows, replaces bad data                      {CTDINTERP}

Re-computes selected variables                  {CTDRECAL}

Integrates over selected variable               {CTDINT}

EBCDIC tape + documentation                     {CTDOUT}

EBCDIC tape + documentation                     {NODCOUT}

Applies polynomial                              {CTDPOLY}

Move CTD data into MacIntosh OceanAtlas Browser {CTDATLAS}

Makes time series of selected variable          {CTDTIM}

Velocity zeroed at selected depth               {ZEROVEL}

Cruise summary from CTDs on EPIC/pointer file   {CRUSUM}

CTD mixed layer depth                           {CTDMLD}



Inspect or print EPICKEY file with variable codes  {EPICKEY}

Lists EPIC data file headers                       {HEADER}

Makes tidy screen listing of EPIC files            {EPICLST}

Plots station locations of EPIC files on a map     {EPICPLT}

Makes pointer file from EPIC file                  {POINTER}

Changes disk names on a pointer file               {NDISK}

EPIC data into DSF format                          {EPIC_DSF}

Lists variables, attributes in EPIC data files     {SUMMARY}

Lists EPIC data comma-delimited, for spreadsheets  {DATALST}

Lists x-y-z-t shape and checks for variable{s}     {VARCHECK}

Checks bottom depths in EPIC file headers          {DEPCHECK}



Computes statistics - min, max, mean, variance     {STATLST}

Linear transformation {x}' = a*{x} + b             {LINTRN}

Point averages EPIC data                           {POINTAV}

Subsamples EPIC data                               {SUBSAMPLE}

Grids profile data for section plot                {CONADCP}

Avgs in depth and plots u-v vectors on a map       {MAPADCP}

Weighted averages of interval data along track     {TRACKAV}



Adds/multiplies time series after linear xform  {ADDTIM}

Applies polynomial                              {APOLY}

Square root of time series                      {TIMSQRT}



Must run this before using SPCTRA or COVSPC                {WORKSZ}

Coefficients for spectra, coherences, freq. dom. EOFs      {SPCTRA}

Spectra or coherences from spectral coefficients           {SPCPLT}

Frequency domain EOFs from spectral coefficients           {SPCEIG}

Time domain EOFs from spectral coefficients                {CVREIG}

Spectral coefficients for correlations                     {COVSPC}

Correlations and lags from spectral coefficients           {COVAR}



General filter program - replaces FILTIME              {ALLFILTS}

Low pass and band pass filtering - Replaced by ALLFILTS{FILTIME}

Hanning filter - Replaced by ALLFILTS                  {HANNING}

Running mean                                           {RMEAN}



Integrates desired variable over depth         {DEPINT}

Integrates desired variable over latitude      {POSINT}



Combine variables from 2 data files                   {COMBINE}

Extracts a single variable from a data file           {TIMEDIT}

Joins series at matching depths                       {JOIN}

Joins series at matching depths, 0-fills gaps         {JOINZ}

Joins series at matching depths,fills gaps w/ 1.E35   {JOIN_FILL}

Joins retaining desired segment                       {INSERT}

Splits files into equal length segments               {SPLIT}



Averages (daily, weekly, block, etc)                  {TIMAV}

Removes mean, detrends or first-differences data      {DMEAN}

Calculates mean over depth                            {TMEAN}

Zeros velocity at desired depth                       {TIMZERO}

Bridges gaps in time series                           {BRIDGE}

Puts time series on desired time grid                 {TIMGRID}

Adjusts date of input time series data                {TIMSLIDE}

Zeros all values less than specified value            {KEEP_ABOVE}

Zeros all values greater than specified value         {KEEP_BELOW}

Extracts easterly winds                               {EASTERLY}

Extracts westerly winds                               {WESTERLY}

Interpolates to new depths                            {NEWDEP}

Calculates monthly climatology                        {CLIMON}

Principal axis calculation or vector rotation         {PRINAX}

Extracts user specified time range from EPIC files    {TIMEXT}



Dynamic Ht from temperature time series       {DYNTIME}

Surface geostrophic current from dynamic ht   {GVEL}

Heat content from mooring temperatures        {HEAT}

Isotherm depths from temperature time series  {ISOTHERM}

Vertical displacement of temperature          {TIMDISP}

Mixed layer depth from mooring temperatures   {MIXDEP}

Zonal or meridional transport from currents   {TRANSPORT}

Wind speed from zonal and meridional velocity {WNDSPD}

Wind u,v from speed, direction                {WNDUV}

True or pseudo wind stress                    {WNDSTR}



Time series x-y plots                                   {TIMPLT}

Contour plots                                           {CONTIM}

Yearly climatology from ATLAS files                     {CLIMPLT}

Time line summary plots from an EPIC file               {TIMSUM}

Time line summary plots (used by TIMSUM)                {DATSUM}

Stacks x-y time series plots, x=time                    {TIMSTACK}

Progressive vector diagram of u/v time series           {TIMPVD}

Histogram plot of time series data, with statistics     {TIMHIST}

Animations: contour plots of z-sections                 {TIMZSEC}



Calculate and plot coherences                 {COHERE}

Time domain EOF                               {EOF}

Calculate and plot spectra                    {SPECTRA}

Correlations and auto-correlations            {CORREL}

Fits to Y = C0 + C * COS (W*T - PHI).         {COSPHA}

Fits to Y = C0 + C1*T + C*COS (W*T - PHI)     {COSLIN}



Daily, monthly, etc mean and std dev                     {STATS}

For plotting output of STATS program                     {AVGSIG}

Mean, std dev over all times, first variable (statistics){VAR}

Mean, std dev over all times, all variables (statistics) {VARALL}

R2D2 statistics: mean, min, max, variance, RMS errors    {RDSTATS}

RMS, mean, etc for pairs of time series (statistics)     {RMSTIM}



HARMONIC - 29-day harmonic tidal analysis            {HARMONIC}

RESPONSE - Response Analysis of tidal signals        {RESPONSE}



ASCII data into EPIC format                     {EPICIN}

Finds gaps, calculates some summary statistics  {TIMGAP}

EPIC/pointer file into mooring pointer files    {MOORING}

Remake pointer file with unique data file names {UNIQUE}

Mooring line drag                               {DRAG}

EPIC data into DSF format                       {EPIC_DSF}