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New from the Medicare Learning Network (MLN): 
Use the new MLN Articles Index (see the downloads section) to find relevant articles needed to explain and support CMS transmittals.  These Indexes - 2004 through 2007 complete, and 2008 through the latest update - can be useful finding specific articles based on keywords and phrases.  Use the Find feature within Adobe Acrobat and enter a keyword to narrow the search of articles sharing that keyword.  Zero in on the article needed to get the information you want in a timely manner.

The Medicare Learning Network (MLN) uses a variety of mechanisms, such as the Internet, national educational articles, brochures, fact sheets, web-based training courses, and videos, to deliver a planned and coordinated provider education program. Our goal is to provide you with timely, easy-to-understand educational materials to accompany the release of new or revised Medicare Program policies.

MLN Matters Articles Background:
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is committed to partnering with the Medicare physician, provider, and supplier communities to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries receive all of the health care services to which they are entitled. One way of helping the health care community in providing the best services to Medicare beneficiaries is to ensure that health care professionals have ready access to Medicare coverage and reimbursement rules in a brief, accurate, and easy-to-understand format. To help meet this goal, CMS has developed MLN Matters...Information for Medicare Providers.

The MLN Matters Articles are National Articles Helping Providers Understand New or Changed Medicare Policy. To search the MLN Articles, use the search page located on the left navigation bar.

What is MLN Matters?
MLN Matters is a series of national articles designed to inform the physician, provider, and supplier community about the latest changes to the Medicare Program (commonly referred to as Change Requests). Articles are prepared in consultation with clinicians, billing experts, and CMS subject matter experts and are tailored in content and language to the specific provider type(s) who are affected by a particular Medicare change. Employing a user-friendly article format, MLN Matters articles help focus complex Medicare change information toward how that information affects specific providers--to give them only the information they need and thus reduce the amount of time they need to incorporate that information into their Medicare business functions.

MLN Matters Articles is the place where Medicare Providers can find nationally consistent articles on new and changed Medicare policies.  Articles are developed to accompany recently released Medicare program instruction. The site  is updated daily. Please bookmark http://www.cms.hhs.gov/MLNMattersArticles/ so you may visit often.

2008 MLN Articles Index (through July 2008) [PDF 1.1MB]

2007 MLN Articles Index [PDF 14.5MB]

2006 MLN Articles Index [PDF 2MB]

2005 MLN Articles Index [PDF 14.7MB]

2004 MLN Articles Index [PDF 8.4MB]

Provider Call Center Toll-Free Numbers Directory [ZIP 27KB]

MLN Products Catalog, Updated Sept 2008 [PDF 4.7MB]
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