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The News and Events section of the EDA website provides the public with the latest news, events and other current information.

The Major Agency News page highlights news about key EDA events, activities and other developments.

The Speeches page is updated regularly with new and inspiring messages and key economic development points from EDA’s senior leadership, Sandy K. Baruah, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development and Ben Erulkar, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development.

The New Investments page is updated weekly with EDA’s grants and awards and briefly describes EDA’s most recent investments.

The Congressional Briefings page follows all EDA related matters that were briefed before both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

The Congressional Testimony page follows all EDA related matters being discussed and debated by both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

The Upcoming Events page highlights activities and future speeches of all EDA senior leadership.

The Excellence Awards page tracks all EDA Excellence in Economic Development Award finalists and winners dating back to 2004.

The Performance Awards link directs this year's performance awards. This is the first year that the Economic Development Administration (EDA) is issuing performance awards to EDA investment recipients whose projects demonstrate outstanding performance.

The DOC News link directs you to the Department of Commerce’s web site and follows all DOC current events worldwide.

The Web Casts and Videos page provides all EDA telecasts with written summaries of each video dating back to January of 2005.

The EDIC page is EDA’s Economic Development Information Clearinghouse and provides an online version of EDA’s publications.

The Photos page provides up-to-date pictures and descriptions of all of EDA’s current events.

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