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  I don’t agree with the tax information IRS gave Social Security. Can I just bring a copy of my tax return to my local office?

I don't agree with the tax information the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave Social Security to calculate my Medicare Part B income-related premium. Can I just bring in a copy of my tax return?


If you don't agree with the tax information that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave us, you will need to provide proof that you have more accurate information. More accurate information is:

  • your amended tax return, along with a letter from IRS accepting your amended return or an IRS transcript;
  • a letter or statement from IRS that they have corrected your tax information and that describes what the correction was;
  • your copy of your tax return which shows an obvious IRS transcription error in tax-exempt interest income; or\
  • your attestation under penalty of perjury that you lived apart from your spouse for the entire year when you filed your income tax return as Married Filing Separately.

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