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El Niño is a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the Tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather and climate around the globe.

NOAA/NESDIS latest SST anomalies

Today's El Niño status

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has primary responsibilities for providing forecasts to the Nation, and a leadership role in sponsoring El Niño observations and research.
What is El Niño? What is El Niño? What is La Niña? What's happening today?
NOAA Sites A comprehensive listing of NOAA El Niño sites:
More about El Niño

Comprehensive Index of more sites
Educational sites
Animations and Graphics New!
non-NOAA sites
Impact New!

La Niña La Niña is associated with cooler than normal water temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. Links on this page will have detailed information on processes involved in, and the status of La Niña.

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Last updated: February 28, 2002