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Build & Fly The Wright Flyers

Practical Applications

Final Tuning for Wright Biplanes

Learning From the 1900 & 1901 Gliders

The First Powered Flight

TA Wright 1903 Kitty Hawk Flyer

Advanced Wing Structure

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Robert B. Elliott is the author of BUILD AND FLY THE FIRST FLYERS and creator of THE TOOTHPICK AIRFORCE(tm) concept. Especially for the Centennial of Flight Elliott has modified parts of his book and designed additional gliders to demonstrate the progress the Wrights made with their first four successive flyers. Building and flying toothpick glider replicas of the Wright gliders and flyers require the student use and understand the same knowledge of flight and control surfaces the Wrights pioneered one hundred years ago! Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for flight!

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co. replicas of 1900 (front left), 1902 (right), and 1901 (rear) glider at Jockey's Ridge State Park, NC, October of 2002. (photo - R. B. Elliott)

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