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Structural Biology DNA Technologies Cell and Tissue Measurements Bioprocess Measurements

The Biochemical Science Division provides the measurements, standards, and data needed for advancing the commercialization of biotechnology.

Fluid Flow MEMS Acoustic

The Process Measurements Division provides measurement standards and tools to help U.S. industry control processes and maximize efficiency.

Magnesium Dice Rainbow Film Explosive Hot Pad Silicon Waffer Microanalysis

The Surface and Microanalysis Science Division provides research, reference materials, and data to support accurate, sensitive and selective analysis of the spatial distribution of chemical species relevant to industrial and environmental processes.

PCP Logo Molecule Viscosity Data Reference Properties

The Physical and Chemical Properties Division provides physical and chemical data needed for industrial processes and environmental protection.

Spectrochemical Organic Nuclear Gas Molecular Spectrometry and Microfluidic Methods

The Analytical Chemistry Division provides reference measurement methods and standards to enhance U.S. industry's productivity, assure equity in trade, and facilitate sound decision-making regarding human health, safety, and the environment.





The Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory (CSTL) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the United States’ reference laboratory for chemical measurements, entrusted with developing, maintaining, advancing, and enabling the chemical measurement system for the nation. Today, CSTL has the most comprehensive array of chemical, physical, and engineering measurement capabilities of any group working in chemical science and technology. Our broad customer base includes established industrial sectors and emerging industries, government agencies, standards and trade organizations, and the academic and scientific communities. CSTL is recognized as the world’s leading chemical metrology laboratory, and our technical excellence, broad range of capabilities, and flexibility have served us well towards responding to the changing needs of the nation. Our continuing interactions with industry to help us prioritize our programs have been essential, and we appreciate the ideas and input our industrial and academic colleagues have shared with us so generously.


  • Develops and disseminates the standards required to support measurements of national interest in chemistry, chemical engineering, and emerging biosciences.
  • Assures that U.S. industry has access to accurate and reliable data and predictive models to determine the chemical and physical properties of materials and processes.
  • Conducts research in measurement science to enable NIST to address next generation standards and data needs and to underpin the development, implementation and/or assessment of new technologies.

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“Accelerating Innovation in 21st Century Biosciences: Identifying the Measurement Standards and Technological Challenges"

October 19-22, 2008


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