A Clinical Guide on Supportive and Palliative
Care for People with HIV/AIDS, 2003

A Clinical Guide on Supportive and Palliative  
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    Cover pdf 3209KB
    Dedication pdf 39KB
    Contributing Authors pdf 178KB
Part I - Introduction
  1 HIV and Palliative Care pdf 213KB
  2 Overview of Clinical Issues pdf 424KB
Part II - Management of Advanced HIV Disease
  3 Assessment of Physical Symptoms pdf 627KB
  4 Pain pdf 488KB
  5 Constitutional Symptoms pdf 252KB
  6 Pulmonary Symptoms pdf 299KB
  7 Gastrointestinal Symptoms pdf 242KB
  8 Oral Problems pdf 2877KB
  9 Dermatologic Problems pdf 1779KB
  10 Psychiatric Problems pdf 390KB
  11 Substance Use Problems pdf 258KB
  12 The Care of Children and Adolescents
Part III - Psychosocial, Cultural and Ethnical Issues
  13 Spiritual Care pdf 239KB
  14 Culture and Care pdf 123KB
  15 Special Populations pdf 249KB
  16 Grief and Bereavement pdf 300KB
  17 Ethical Issues pdf 135KB
  18 Legal and Financial Issues pdf 170KB
  19 Palliative Care in Resource-Poor Settings pdf 408KB
  20 Care for the Caregiver pdf 297KB
Part IV - Care at the End of Life
21 Patient-Clinician Communication pdf 271KB
  22 Facilitating the Transition to Home-Based and Hospice Care pdf 357KB
23 Medical Care in Advanced AIDS pdf 389KB
  24 Medical Care at the End of Life pdf 252KB
  25 Prevention of Skin Breakdown pdf 1178KB
Part V - References for the Clinician
  26 Resources pdf 368KB
  27 Pharmacologic Interactions of Clinical Significance pdf 265KB