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Prescription Drug Coverage - General Information


The MMA legislation provides seniors and people with disabilities with the first comprehensive prescription drug benefit ever offered under the Medicare program, the most significant improvement to senior health care in nearly 40 years.

This overview page provides links to important information on the new benefit.

Click the selection that best matches your area of interest.  Please check back, as we will continue to update these resources regularly.


2008 Enrollment Information [ZIP, 266KB]

2007 Enrollment Information [ZIP, 261KB]

2008 PDP Landscape Source (v09.25.07) [ZIP, 522KB]

2008 MA and SNP Landscape Source (10.04.07) [ZIP, 6966KB]

2007 PDP Landscape Source (v2 11.16.06) [ZIP, 128KB]

2007 MA Landscape Source (v11.16.06) [ZIP, 2820KB]

2006 PDP Landscape Source (v11.30.05) [ZIP, 146KB]

2006 MA Landscape Source (v11.15.05) [ZIP, 2028KB]

Policy and Technical Rule (04.09.08) [PDF, 321KB]

What if Scenerios for Coordination of Benefits (COB) [PDF, 16KB]

Katrina Out-of-Network Overview [PDF, 29KB]

Medicare Part B Verses Part D Guidance (v07.27.05) [PDF, 818KB]

Auto-Enrollment Crosswalk [Excel.zip, 36KB]

Pharmacy POS Facilitated Enrollment (v 01.18.07) [PDF, 49KB]
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