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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page is designed to respond to basic questions we receive and also enhance your access to additional and substantial information found at other Web sites. If you require more specific CIOC information, please visit our internal search engine.

How do I obtain and use a password and login ID to gain access to Members only section?
Access to certain areas of the website is limited to CIOs and Deputy CIOs of cabinet level agencies.

What types of documents are in these secured areas?
This area of is primarily for documents significant to the CIO Council such as documents under review by Council members. The majority of all documents reside in the public area of the site, however.

What is the Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC)?
The CAOC consists of a diverse group of acquisition professionals in the Executive Branch established to provide a senior level forum for monitoring and improving the federal acquisition system. The CAOC promotes effective business practices that ensure the timely delivery of best value products and services to the agencies, achieve public objectives, and further integrity, fairness, competition, and openness in the federal acquisition system. The CAOC works closely with the Administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, and the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council to promote these business practices in the acquisition system. The CAOC also works closely with OPM to assess and address the hiring, training, and professional development needs of the Federal Government related to acquisition.

What is the role of the CAOC?
The CAOC is focused on promoting the President's Management Agenda in all aspects of the acquisition system. The CAOC also promotes the President's specific acquisition-related initiatives and policies.

Where can I find a single point-of- entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000? is the single government point-of-entry (GPE) for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers are able to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Through one portal - FedBizOpps (FBO) - commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community. Visit at

Is there a central repository of statistical information on Federal contracting?
Yes, the Federal Procurement Data Center (FPDC), part of the U.S. General Services Administration, operates and maintains the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS). The FPDS is the central repository of statistical information on Federal contracting. To view more about the FPDS visit their web site at

How will E-Gov and advanced IT developments help Acquisition Community?
The Integrated Acquisition System will create a secure acquisition environment for Government, businesses and citizens that will facilitate and support cost-effective exchange of information, good and services.

Where can I find procurement information for and about small businesses?
Pro-Net, Procurement Marketing and Access Network, is an electronic gateway of procurement information -- for and about small businesses. It is a search engine for contracting officers, a marketing tool for small firms and a "link" to procurement opportunities and important information. It is designed to be a "virtual" one-stop-procurement-shop. Visit at

How does a Small Business become officially designated as a “Small Disadvantaged Business?
Small Business Administration (SBA) may certify small businesses as a Small Disadvantaged Business. Small businesses are eligible to receive certain preferences in Federal procurement action. Information on certification and preference programs is available from SBA.

It is significant to note that a small business need not necessarily be owned by a minority individual(s) to qualify for the Federal Small Disadvantaged Business Program.

How do the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and the CAOC work together?
The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Directors Interagency Council (OSDBU Council) is an interagency council of OSDBU Directors formed to promote the increased participation of small businesses in the federal government’s procurement program. The Chief Acquisition Officers Council was formed by chief acquisition officers to improve and promote business practices which deliver on a timely basis best value products and services to the customer while maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives. As part of this mission, the CAOC has established a committee to focus on the socioeconomic aspects of the federal procurement process.

The interests of the OSDBU Council and CAOC overlap in many areas. Therefore, in order to more effectively further mutual objectives, the councils have formed a Joint OSDBU/PEC Steering Committee to address common issues and promote cooperation among the OSDBU and procurement communities.

What is an affirmative procurement program?
Affirmative Procurement is the Government’s preference program that targets the purchase of specific, environmentally preferable products made with recycled products and recovered materials. The program applies to products obtained by Federal, State, and local governments or Government contractors using appropriated Federal funds.

Where can you find procurement and acquisition training?
Gov Online Learning Center at,
Federal Acquisition Institute at ,
HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program at,
Strategic and Tactical Advocates for Results (STAR) at

Does your Web site have a job listing?
The CAOC Web site has no Job Announcement Listing. Try the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) -USAJOBS at or the FirstGov Web site at

In addition to the Chief Acquisition Officers Council web site where can I find other procurement information?

Try AcqNet at

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