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Faculty Loan Repayment Program
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2008 Faculty Loan Repayment Program Applicant Information Bulletin

Discrimination Prohibited
Qualifying / Eligible Educational Loans
Service Obligation Requirement
Application Submission
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Breach of Contract
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Qualifying / Eligible Educational Loans
FLRP participants must apply FLRP loan repayments to the principal and interest of eligible educational loans.  Eligible educational loans are Government (Federal, State, or local) and commercial loans obtained by the participant for school tuition and required fees; other reasonable educational expenses; and reasonable living expenses. The tuition, fees and expenses are limited to those incurred by the participant for undergraduate and / or graduate education leading to a degree in the health profession in which the participant will satisfy his / her 2 year FLRP service obligation.

Consolidated / Refinanced Loans
If eligible educational loans are consolidated and / or refinanced, the original loan documentation must be submitted to establish the educational purpose and contemporaneous nature of such loans.  The consolidated / refinanced loan must be from a Government (Federal, State, or local) and / or commercial lender for the applicant’s qualifying educational loans only.  If an eligible educational loan is consolidated / refinanced with any debt other than another eligible educational loan(s) of the applicant, no portion of the consolidated / refinanced loans will be eligible for repayment.  Applicants who have consolidated and / or refinanced their loans must provide either a copy of their promissory note(s) for the original loan(s) or a copy of the consolidated promissory note from the current lender(s) that shows, for each loan being consolidated, the amount, date of original disbursement, and type of loan.

For loans to remain eligible for FLRP, applicants must keep their eligible educational loans separated from all other debts.  Also, eligible educational loans should not be consolidated with loans owed by any other person, such as a spouse or child.  Finally, borrowers should submit a disclosure statement on the consolidated loans from their lenders.

Ineligible Education Loans
The following loans are not eligible and do not qualify for repayment under FLRP:

  • Loans that are paid in full
  • Loans for which documentation is not available
  • Loans that incur an obligation for service if not repaid
  • Loans not obtained from a Government entity or commercial lending institution
  • Loans, or those parts of loans, obtained for educational or living expenses while at school, that exceed the "reasonable" level, as determined by the school's standard budgets in the year the loan was made
  • Loans for which the associated documentation does not identify the loans as applicable to undergraduate or graduate education leading to a degree in the applicant’s health profession in which he or she will be serving

FLRP loan repayments may not be applied to ineligible loans.