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NAICS 2007 is exactly the same as NAICS 2002 for thirteen of the twenty sectors. There was restructuring within part of the information sector. Industry changes affect the boundaries of three sectors.

A Federal Register notice (May 16, 2006) documents the final adoption of the revisions.

The printed NAICS 2007 manual is available from NTIS.


2007 NAICS United States Structure Downloadable
Code list, full hierarchy, 2- through 6- digits xls (247kb)
Code list, 6-digit codes only xls (128kb)

Correspondence Tables:
Table 1 2007 NAICS-US Matched to 2002 NAICS-US xls (1.3mb)
Table 2 2002 NAICS-US Matched to 2007 NAICS-US xls (386kb)

Note 1: Tables 1 and 2 include only those industries with 2002-2007 changes.

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