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  FICC Overview:  The FICC provides a focal point for implementation of a Government-wide identity   credentialing capability as required by HSPD-12 and defined in FIPS 201. Members of the FICC   are expected to both participate in the implementation of FIPS 201 and champion these activities   at the agencies they represent.

  Presidential Directive, Memorandums, Publications, and other important information:
  > GSA Memorandum:   Recognition of C&A of Certified PKI SSP across Agency Boundaries
  > M-06-18:   Acquisition of Products and Services for Implementation of HSPD-12
  > M-05-24:   Implementation of Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12
  > GSA Memorandum:   Acquisitions of Products and Services for Implementation of HSPD-12
  > Homeland Security Presidential Directive /  HSPD-12
  > M-05-05:   Electronic Signatures: How to Mitigate the Risk of Commercial Managed Services
  > GSA Technical Supplement in support of OMB issued memorandum M-05-05
  > FIPS PUB 201-1   -  NIST SP 800-73-1   -  NIST PIV Project Question & Answer website 
  > Certified PKI Shared Service Providers (SSP) List   -  FPKI SSP Working Group website
  > FIAC Briefings

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