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Secretary Bodman and President Bush Samuel W. Bodman
Secretary of Energy
Samuel Wright Bodman was sworn in as the 11th Secretary of Energy on February 1, 2005 after the United States Senate unanimously confirmed him on January 31, 2005.   He leads the Department of Energy with a budget in excess of $23 billion and over 100,000 federal and contractor employees.
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Acting Deputy Secretary of Energy Jeff Kupfer Jeffrey F. Kupfer
Acting Deputy Secretary of Energy

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Thomas P. D'Agostino
Thomas P. D'Agostino
Under Secretary for Nuclear Security and Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration
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Clarence Albright, Under Secretary of Energy
Bud Albright
Under Secretary of Energy
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Dr. Raymond L. Orbach
Dr. Raymond L. Orbach
Under Secretary for Science
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Other DOE Leadership
Office of the Chief of Staff
Chief of Staff    Adam Ingols
Deputy Chief of Staff   Brent Merchant 
Director of Scheduling and Advance   Anne Merchant 
Office of the Under Secretary for Nuclear Security/ Administrator for National Nuclear Security Administration
Under Secretary   Thomas P. D’Agostino
Principal Deputy Administrator  

William C. Ostendorff

Deputy Administrator, Defense Programs   Robert L. Smolen
Deputy Administrator, Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation   William Tobey
Deputy Administrator, Naval Reactors   Admiral Kirkland H. Donald
Deputy Under Secretary, Counterterrorism   Dr. Steve Aoki
Associate Administrator, Defense Nuclear Security   Bradley A. Peterson
Associate Administrator, Emergency Operations   Joseph J. Krol Jr.
Associate Administrator, Infrastructure and Environment   Alice Williams
Associate Administrator, Management and Administration   Michael Kane
Office of the Under Secretary of Energy
Under Secretary   Bud Albright
Associate Under Secretary   Richard Moorer
Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
Director    Edward Sproat
Principal Deputy Director    Christopher Kouts (acting)
Associate Director, System Operations and External Relations    Eric Knox
Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
Assistant Secretary of Energy   Kevin Kolevar
Principal Deputy Director   Patricia A. Hoffman
Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Assistant Secretary   John Mizroch (acting)
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   John Mizroch

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Technology Development for Energy Efficiency

  David Rodgers

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Technology Development for Renewable Energy

  Steven Chalk
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Business Administration   Rita Wells (acting)
Office of Environmental Management
Assistant Secretary   Jim Rispoli
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   Ines Triay
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Compliance   Frank Marcinowski
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Engineering and Technology   Mark Gilbertson
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Program Planning and Budget   Mark Frei
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Human Capital and Business Services   Diane Cochran
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Acquisition and Project Management   Jack Surash
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Safety Management and Operations   Dae Chung
Chief Operating Officer   James Owendoff
Deputy Chief Operations Officer   Cynthia Anderson
Office of Fossil Energy
Assistant Secretary    James A. Slutz (Acting)
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   VACANT
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Clean Coal   Victor Der
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Petroleum Reserves   David F. Johnson
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Natural Gas and Petroleum   Guido DeHoratiis Jr. (Acting)
Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Affairs   Justin Swift
Office of Legacy Management
Director   Michael Owen
Deputy Director   David Geiser 
Office of Nuclear Energy
Assistant Secretary   Dennis Spurgeon
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   R. Shane Johnson
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Nuclear Power Deployment   Dennis Miotla
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Fuel Cycle Management/GNEP Deputy Program Manager   Paul Lisowski
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Corporate and Global Partnership Development   Edward McGinnis
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Corporate Communications and External Affairs   Vacant
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Corporate Business Operations   Robert Lange (Acting)
Office of the Under Secretary for Science
Under Secretary    Raymond Orbach
Office of Science
Director   Raymond Orbach
Deputy Director for Science Programs   Patricia Dehmer
Deputy Director for Field Operations   George Malosh
Deputy Director for Resource Management   Jeffrey Salmon
Associate Director, Advanced Scientific Computing   Michael Strayer
Associate Director, Basic Energy Science   Harriet Kung
Associate Director, Biological and Environmental Science   Anna Palmisano
Associate Director, Fusion Energy Science   Gene Nardella (Acting)
Associate Director, High Energy Physics   Dennis Kovar
Associate Director, Nuclear Physics   Jehanne Simon-Gillo(Acting)
Associate Director, Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists   Bill Valdez
Energy Information Administration
Administrator   Guy Caruso
Deputy Administrator   Howard Gruenspecht
Departmental Staff and Support Offices
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer   Steve Isakowitz
Deputy Chief Financial Officer   Owen F. Barwell
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer   Tom Pyke
Deputy Chief Information Officer   Carl Staton
Congressional & Intergovernmental Affairs
Assistant Secretary   Lisa Epifani
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   Michael Brairton
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Environment Management and National Security   Forrest Allen
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Intergovernmental & External Affairs and Director, Office of Indian Energy Policy & Programs   Steven Morello
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Energy Policy   Scott Shiller
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Nuclear Energy   Michael Richard
Office of Economic Impact & Diversity
Director   Theresa Avillar-Speake

Associate Director, Office of Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization


Adrienne Cisneros

Director, Office of Civil Rights and Diversity   Poli Marmolejos
Office of the General Counsel
General Counsel   David Hill
Deputy General Counsel   Eric Fygi
Deputy General Counsel, Technology Transfer and Procurement   Mary Egger
Deputy General Counsel, Litigation   Marc Johnston
Deputy General Counsel, Energy Policy   Warren Belmar
Deputy General Counsel, Environmental and Nuclear Programs   Mary Neumayr
Office of Health, Safety and Security
Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer   Glenn Podonsky
Deputy Chief, Operations   Michael Kilpatrick
Deputy Chief, Enforcement and Technical Matters   Russell Shearer
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Director   Poli Marmolejos
Deputy Director   Thomas Wieker
Office of Human Capital Management
Chief Human Capital Officer   Jeff T.H. Pon
Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer   Rita R. Franklin
Director, Office of Human Capital Management   Sarah J. Bonilla
Office of the Inspector General
Inspector General   Gregory Friedman
Principal Deputy Inspector General   Herbert Richardson
Deputy Inspector General, Investigations and Inspections   Christopher Sharpley
Deputy Inspector General, Audit Services      William Maharay
Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
Director   Rolf Mowatt-Larssen
Deputy Director, Intelligence Directorate   Alex Goodale
Deputy Director, Counterintelligence Directorate   Stan Borgia
Deputy Director, Management Directorate   Deborah K. Johnson (acting)
Office of Management
Director   Ingrid Kolb
Chief Acquisition Officer   Frank Spampinato
Office of Policy & International Affairs 
Assistant Secretary   Katharine Fredriksen (Acting)
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary   Katharine Fredriksen
Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Energy (Policy)   Alan S. Hegburg
Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Energy (Cooperation)   Gary Ward (acting)
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy Analysis   Carmen Difiglio
Office of Public Affairs
Director   Andrew C. Beck
Principal Deputy Director   Vacant
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