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Security Notes to All Vendors

TPIN Security

Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Information Assurance (IA) has identified vendors who are not restricting access to their Trading Partner Identification Number (TPIN) or Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) information.

REMEMBER: Your TPIN is a password that is used to access your CCR data. CCR data includes your banking information and other sensitive data such as your MPIN. Therefore, CCR recommends that you do not disclose your TPIN to anyone under any circumstances.

If you have distributed your TPIN or MPIN, or believe that either has been compromised, you need to obtain a new one. For assistance in obtaining a new TPIN and/or MPIN, contact the CCR Helpdesk at 888-227-2423 (within the U.S.) or 269-961-5757 (internationally).

Privacy and Security Statement

CCR Privacy and Security Statement PDF File

Fraudulent Letters

Fraudulent letters have been sent in an attempt to compromise your TPIN. Your TPIN should be kept confidential. CCR personnel will NEVER ask you for your TPIN. Please contact the CCR Help Desk immediately to obtain a new TPIN if you feel that your TPIN has been compromised. The point of contact concerning these fraudulent letters is the Department of Transportation Office of the Inspector General Hotline at 1-800-424-9071.

*** Always protect your TPIN with the highest level of security. No one outside of your organization should know what your secure TPIN number is. Please note that in case your TPIN has been compromised, it will be possible for unknown sources to obtain your financial information with the possibility to redirect any EFT payments to their own benefit.

*** We have recently been informed that fraudulent letters have been sent to venders requesting that the vendor provide their TPIN for new CCR related features. Do not, under any circumstance, provide your TPIN to any person outside of your immediate organization.

Listed below are samples of the fraudulent letters:

Phone Solicitation

We have been notified that Registrants are receiving misleading phone solicitations from someone claiming to be from CCR. The caller tells the Registrant that their registration was incomplete and offers to fix it for $300.

***Reminder: there is NO CHARGE to enter or update registrant information in CCR. If you have questions or concerns regarding your registration please contact the CCR Help Desk.

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