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History at a Glance - Brunsman Articles

One of the pleasures of having spent close to three decades studying the invention of the airplane and the early history of flight has been the experience of meeting and learning from fellow students of the Wright brothers. In that regard, it is a pleasure to introduce visitors to the Centennial of Flight Commission web site to the work of August and Charlotte Brunsman.

Until his retirement, Gus Brunsman owned and operated Dayton Process Engravers, in Dayton, Ohio. A long time student of history, he had researched and published on the career of William Maxwell, the first printer in the Old Northwest Territory, and helped to found the "Print Shop Committee," a group organized to research and preserve Dayton's printing history. He was a key figure in the establishment of a 1930's period print shop at Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, and has been a long time volunteer printer at the Park.

The career of Wilbur and Orville Wright as printers and publishers has been a longtime interest of Gus and his wife Charlotte. Gus is a founding member of the Wright Research Group, and facilitated the donation to Carillon Park of Wright printing materials still in the possession of the Wright family. The Brunsmans have contributed to Carillon Park publications, and helped to develop exhibitions of the Wright brothers work as printers.

These additions to the Centennial of Flight Commission web site are the result of research that the Brunsmans conducted in the collections of Wright State University, the Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library, the Library of Congress, Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, the Deutsches Museum in West Germany, the exhibits at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and a series of interviews with Wright family members, Sue and Horace, the Wrights' nephew, Harold Miller, the co-executor of Orville's estate and the husband of Ivonette, their niece. The Brunsmans also spent a great deal of time with the Wrights' printing equipment at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. We are pleased to make these articles available to our visitors.

Tom D. Crouch
Chair, First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board

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