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 Department of Energy Staff & Support Offices
DOE Staff and Support Offices provide administrative, management, and oversight support to the various headquarters programs and offices.

 Chief Financial Officer
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is comprised of the Office of Financial Management, the Office of Budget, the Office of Program Liaison and Financial Analysis, the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation, and the I-MANAGE functions.

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 Chief Information Officer
The Office of the Chief Information Officer is responsible for the design, implementation, and continuing successful operation of Information Technology programs and initiatives throughout the Department and its offices.

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 Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs
The Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs promotes the department’s policies, programs and initiatives through liaison, communications, coordination and interaction with Congress, State, Tribal, City, and County Governments, other Federal agencies, stakeholders, and the general public.

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 Office of Economic Impact and Diversity
The Office of Economic Impact and Diversity is mandated by various legislation and Executive Orders to advise the Secretary of Energy on the impacts of energy policies, programs, regulations, and other departmental actions on under-represented communities, minority educational institutions, and small and women-owned business enterprises.

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 Office of General Counsel
The Office of General Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice, counsel, and support to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and all Departmental elements (except the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and for effectively representing the Department as counsel before Federal, State, and other governmental agencies and courts.

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 Office of Health, Safety and Security
The Office of Health, Safety and Security provides the corporate-level leadership and strategic vision necessary to better coordinate and integrate health, safety, environment, security, enforcement, and independent oversight programs at the Department of Energy.

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 Office of Hearings and Appeals
The Office of Hearings and Appeals is responsible for conducting hearings, and issuing the initial decision of the Department with respect to any adjudicative proceedings which the Secretary may delegate, except those within the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Board of Contract Appeals.

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 Office of Human Capital Management
The Office of Human Capital Management consists of the Offices of Human Capital Management Strategic Planning and Vision, Human Capital Management Innovations and Solutions, and Human Capital Management Operational Implementation.

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 Office of Inspector General
The Office of Inspector General promotes the effective, efficient, and economical operation of the Department of Energy's programs and operations through audits, inspections, investigations, and other reviews.

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 Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
The Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence provides the Secretary, his staff and other policymakers within the Department timely, technical intelligence analyses on all aspects of foreign nuclear weapons, nuclear materials and energy issues worldwide.
 Office of Management
The Office of Management is comprised of the Offices of Administration, Engineering and Construction Management, Procurement and Assistance Management, Aviation Management , Scheduling and Advance, Competitive Sourcing, and the Executive Secretariat.

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 Office of Policy and International Affairs
The Office of Policy and International Affairs' role is to deliver unbiased advice to the Department of Energy's leadership on existing and prospective energy-related policies, based on integrated and well-founded data and analysis.

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 Office of Public Affairs
The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for serving as the chief spokesperson for the Department as well as managing and overseeing the Department's liaison on public affairs efforts, which includes public information activities, press and media services, DOE home-page content, speaking engagements, special projects, internal communications and editorial services.

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