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2006 Strategic Plan

Text  graphic for U.S. Department of Energy Strategic Plan

The Department of Energy's 2006 Strategic Plan is available in two formats: HTML and PDF. The PDF versions are listed below (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view them).

The HTML version of the Strategic Plan in the right column of this page is a good learning tool because it is hyperlinked to many of the important initiatives being conducted by the Department.

Questions regarding the plan can be sent via e-mail to strategicplan@hq.doe.gov or by calling 202-586-1911.

  The 2006 Department of Energy Strategic Plan (PDF Format)

  Executive Summary
 I. Cover and Table of Contents
 II. Secretary's Message
 III. Strategic Plan Overview
 IV. Mission, Vision, Strategic Themes
 V. Energy Security
 VI. Nuclear Security
 VII. Scientific Discovery and Innovation
 VIII. Environmental Responsibility
 IX. Management Excellence
 X. Linking Strategic Goals to Annual Performance Goals

The complete Strategic Plan for printing options.

Strategic Plan Brochure (Tri-fold)

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 html version

Editor's Notes
Major DOE Laboratories and Field Facilities
Operating Principles
Secretary's Message
Strategic Plan Overview
DOE's Mission, Vision,Strategic Themes
Strategic Theme 1:Energy Security
Strategic Theme Security 2:Nuclear
Strategic Theme 3:Scientific Discovery Innovation
Strategic Theme 4:Environmental Responsibility
Strategic Theme 5:Management Excellence
Strategic Linking Goals to Annual Performance Goals

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