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Research Areas

High Performance Construction Materials and Systems:  Enable scientific and technology-based innovation to modernize and enhance the performance of construction materials and systems.
 . Fire Protection Technologies: Enable engineered fire safety for people, products, facilities; and enhanced firefighter effectiveness with 50% reduction in fatalities.
 . Enhanced Building Performance: Provide the means to assure buildings work better throughout their useful lives.
 . Homeland Security: Use the lessons learned from the World Trade Center disaster to better protect people and property, enhance the safety of fire and emergency responders, and restore public confidence in the safety of tall buildings nationwide.

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Building and Fire
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WTC.NIST.GOV  -  For information on BFRL's involvement in the investigation of the World Trade Center disaster.


Outside Links  -  Links to other building and fire research information outside NIST.

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NIST Helps Heat Pumps ‘Go With the Flow’ to Boost Output.  Details...

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