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Advising the President on ethical issues
related to advances in biomedical
science and technology

Dr. Edmund Pellegrino
Edmund D. Pellegrino

"To advance human good and avoid harm, biotechnology must be used within ethical constraints. It is the task of bioethics to help society develop those constraints and bioethics, therefore, must be of concern to all of us."
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Human Dignity and Bioethics
Is "human dignity" a useful and illuminating concept in bioethics? Or is it a useless one -- a "fig leaf" that camouflages unconvincing arguments? Our diverse collection of essayists engage in a critical examination of the topic.


Stacked Covers of PCBE Reports

We invite you to read our reports on ethical issues that arise from advances in biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Such issues include: human cloning, human dignity and bioethics, stem cell research, alternative sources of stem cells, end-of-life care, the regulation of assisted reproduction, and the uses of biotechnology that go "beyond therapy."



Topics of Council Concern

(Life Extension)

Aging and End-of-Life

Beyond Therapy (Enhancement)

Biotechnology and Public Policy

Bioethics in Literature



Council's Future Work


Drugs, Children, & Behavior Control


Health Care

Human Dignity

Memory Boosting/Suppression

Mood Control



Newborn Screening

Organ Transplantation


Property in the Body

Research Ethics

Sex Selection

Stem Cells



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