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Monday, December 31, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 31, 2007
Seasonal Safety Tips for Older Adults
Drug Safety, Tainted Food Among Year's Top Health Stories
Make That New Year's Fitness Resolution Stick
See to It That New Year's Eve Is Safe

Sunday, December 30, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 30, 2007
Men Who Smoke Prone to Impotence
Gain a Foothold on Winter Walking Safety

Saturday, December 29, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 29, 2007
Put Safety First During Winter Fun

Friday, December 28, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 28, 2007
Brain Turns to Positive Thoughts When Faced With Death
Drug Combo Halves Death Risk for Severe COPD Patients
Fish Oil May Help Prevent Alzheimer's
Pesticides May Cause Asthma Among Farm Women
Holiday Travel, Bad Eating Habits a Recipe for Stomach Trouble
Laser Surgery Can Correct Nearsightedness
Childhood Diabetes Boosts Risk for Kidney Problems
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 28, 2007
Diabetes Group Backs Low-Carb Diets

Thursday, December 27, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 27, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 27, 2007
Study Sheds Light on Origins of Sudden Cardiac Death
Research Offers Promise for Cirrhosis Treatment
ICU Patients Not Getting Enough Sleep
Lower Body Temps Increase Blood Loss During Surgery
Chronic Coughs Need a Doctor's Attention
Terriers Join Fight Against a Killer Disease in Humans
High Blood Triglycerides Linked to Stroke Risk
Uninsured Benefit Once They Are Covered by Medicare
Most Psychiatrists Open to Discussing Spiritual Concerns

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 26, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 26, 2007
Fewer Children Outgrowing Allergies to Milk, Eggs
BRCA1 Mutation Prevalent Among Hispanic, Younger Black Women
Aspirin, Hormone Therapy Combo Can Shorten Lives of Prostate Cancer Patients
Class of Chemotherapy Drugs Helps Certain Breast Cancer Patients
Study Spotlights 'Exercise-Friendly' Day-Care Centers
Food Pyramid for Older Adults Gets an Update
Temporary Amnesia, Confusion Raise Stroke, Dementia Risk
Malaria Drug Promising Against Cancer
Heart Procedure Reduces Need for Defibrillator Shocks

Tuesday, December 25, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 25, 2007
Post-Holiday Letdown Can Be Avoided
Cabin Fever Has an Online Cure This Year
Parents Face Tough Questions When Santa's Magic Fades
Playing Catch in Winter Could Save Kids' Pitching Arms

Monday, December 24, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 24, 2007
Beware Holiday Toys That Can Injure Young Eyes
Realistic Expectations Help Ward Off Holiday Depression
Scientists Marvel at Santa's Stamina
'Easy Does It' Eases Holiday Stress

Sunday, December 23, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 23, 2007
Give Yourself the Gift of Sleep for the Holidays

Saturday, December 22, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 22, 2007
Maintaining Routine Can Chase Holiday Blues Away

Friday, December 21, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 21, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 21, 2007
FDA Renews Warnings on Pain-Relief Patch
Shorter Legs Might Boost Liver Risks
School Salad Bar Boosts Kids' Fruit, Veggie Intake
Breast Cancer Surgeons Don't Discuss Reconstruction Options
New Combo Treatment Extends Kidney Cancer Survival
Kids in Poor Neighborhoods Fall Behind in School
Low-Income Women's Cancer Screenings Cost Effective: Report
Brain Center May Link Addiction, Mental Illness
Treating Depression Cuts Diabetes Death Risk
Weight Loss Surgery May Help Less Severely Obese

Thursday, December 20, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 20, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 20, 2007
Prior Miscarriage Raises Risk for Low-Birthweight Infant
Hormone Could Ease Painful Lymphedema
Mental Decline Faster in Brain-Injured Vietnam Vets
Busting Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe
Make Safe Toys Your Holiday Priority
Sex Ed Does Delay Teen Sex: CDC
Parents Should Postpone Child Vaccine Booster: CDC
Parents' Smoking Boosts Child's Allergy Risk
Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis
Race, Gender Affect Laryngeal Cancer Survival
'Hospitalist' Physicians Help Shorten Patient Stays

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 19, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 19, 2007
Smokers' Brain Centers Activate During Nicotine Cravings
Regular Walking Protects the Aging Brain
Area Around Breast Tumor May Predict Cancer's Spread
Standard Hepatitis B Treatment Bested by Newcomer
Microchip Spots Stray Tumor Cells in the Bloodstream
Brain Cells More Powerful Than You Think
Neural Insights Could Bring Better Cochlear Implants
Fragile X Syndrome Corrected in Mice
Cancer Docs' Bedside Manner Often Lacks Empathy

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 18, 2007
Experts Compare Osteoporosis Drugs
Diagnosis of Heart Attack Can Be Wrong
New Type of Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shows Promise
Cancer Care Advances in 2007 Offer Hope
Bone Density Tests Do Predict Women's Fracture Risk
Robotic Surgery Treats Tonsil Cancer
Lack of Strong Thirst Signals Leads Elderly to Drink Too Little
CT Scans Catch More Clots in Lungs
U.S. Heart Disease Death Rates Falling
Many States Still Fall Short in Emergency Preparedness: Report

Monday, December 17, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 17, 2007
Severe Psoriasis Linked to Higher Death Risk
Having Boys as Friends Can Boost Young Girls' Drinking Risk
Research Reveals How Cells Store Fat
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 17, 2007
Moderate Exercise Cuts Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
Babies With Heart Defects Do Best at Hospitals With Most Experience
Massage Eases Pain, Anxiety After Surgery
Even Tiny Breast Tumors May Need Aggressive Treatment
Dentists Take Dimmer View of Patients' Smiles
Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
Sunlight Helps Put Lung Cancer in the Shade

Sunday, December 16, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 16, 2007
Hospice: An Overlooked Option
Picking the Right Toys Isn't Child's Play

Saturday, December 15, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 15, 2007
A Little Help Can Boost Holiday Joy for Elderly

Friday, December 14, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 14, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 14, 2007
Workplace Flexibility Can Boost Healthy Behaviors
Traffic Pollution Hurts Asthmatic Kids' Lungs
Decongestant in OTC Cold Remedies Effective: FDA Panel
Study Finds Cholesterol Fine-Tunes Hearing
Arimidex Beats Tamoxifen in Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay
Human Noses Sort Out Strangers, Friends
Fish Give Clues to Human Skin Color Changes
Wearable Artificial Kidney Passes Test
Breast Cancer Genes Also Raise Men's Risk for Malignancy

Thursday, December 13, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 13, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 13, 2007
Fibers in Semen Help HIV Penetrate Cells
Cell 'Addiction' to Growth Factors May Help Spur Cancers
Fetal Alcohol Exposure May Prime Offspring for Alcoholism
Transplanted Bone Marrow Cells Aid Nerve Regeneration
Genetics May Boost Mexican-Americans' Risk for Alcoholism
Report Finds 'Widespread Steroid Use in Baseball'
New Cancer Drug Tied to Heart Problems
High-Dose Chemo Provides Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients
Researchers Find Great Granddaddy of All Blood Cells
Menopause May Be Unique to Humans
FDA Advisers Reject Over-the-Counter Statin

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2007
High Blood Pressure Key Factor for Cardiovascular Disease
Cancer Patients Hold Fast to Belief That Opioids Mean Death
Computerized Reminder Calls Get Couch Potatoes Moving
Switch for Internal Body Clock Found
Common Infant Vaccine Recalled
Obesity Weakens Immune Response
Statins Can Boost Brain Hemorrhage Risk After Stroke
Steroid Fails to Ease Meningitis in Trials
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 12, 2007
Elective Caesareans Raise Risk of Breathing Problems in Newborns
Evolution Tips the Balance in Mom's Favor
Partial Face Transplant Patient Doing Well

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 11, 2007
Older Diabetics Using Avandia Face Increased Death Risk
Newer Sedative Might Help Patients on Ventilators
Amount of Exercise Key to Lowering Kids' Blood Pressure
Abdominal Fat Tied to High Risk for Coronary Trouble
Home-Based Senior Care Program Has Limited Benefits
Diagnostic Mammogram Readings Vary by Radiologist
High Meat Consumption Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk
Gene Variant Tied to More Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Chest Compressions Effective in Emergency Cardiac Arrest
Personal Convictions May Control Both Behavior and Emotions
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 11, 2007
Stroke Rehab Technique Has Lasting Results

Monday, December 10, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 10, 2007
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 10, 2007
Group Seeks Refinement of Knee Arthritis Treatment Guidelines
Most Medicare Recipients Ignore Colorectal Cancer Screening
Good Physical Function Halves Stroke Risk
Drug Combo With Antibiotic May Slow MS Progression
FDA Confirms No Heart Risk From Heartburn Drugs
Unrelated Cord Blood Helps Infants With Metabolic Disorders
Love in the World of Alzheimer's
Immigrants Less Likely to Report Family History of Cancer
Mutated Suppressor Gene Leads to a Type of Breast Cancer
Hypertension Linked to Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment
Coronary Artery Calcium May Raise Women's Heart Risk

Sunday, December 9, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 9, 2007
Heart Attacks Peak During the Holidays
Possible Cure for Rare Lymphoma Reported

Saturday, December 8, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 8, 2007
Blood Markers Might Predict Clotting Risk With HRT
How to Spot, and Beat, the Holiday Blues

Friday, December 7, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 7, 2007
Cellular Disorder Might Influence Behavior
Mourning Death of Loved One Raises Your Risk of Dying
Everyday Choices Can Influence Cancer Risk
Baclofen Aids Abstinence in Alcoholics With Cirrhosis
Blood Test to Detect Lung Cancer Being Eyed
Pneumonia Vaccine Is Keeping Kids Healthier
Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Cancers
Gene-Based Sunscreen Might Someday Prevent Skin Cancer
Evidence of TB Found in 500,000-Year-Old Fossil
Environmental Toxin Collects in Breast Milk
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 7, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec.6, 2007
Relatives of Parkinson's Patients at Higher Psychiatric Risk
Blackberries, Broccoli Sprouts Battle Cancer
Kids' Respiratory Virus Season Off and Running
Cell Transplants Hold Promise for Heart Attack Survivors
Ketamine Impairs Brain by Releasing Superoxide
Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Surgery
Diabetes Linked to Blood Vessel Inflammation
New Kind of Stem Cells Reverse Sickle Cell Anemia
Common Household Chemical Could Raise Breast Cancer Risk
Green Tea, Fruit Extracts Touted as Potential Cancer Fighters
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 6, 2007
Research Shows What Works to Cut Smoking Rates

Wednesday, December 5, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 5, 2007
Overweight Kids Often Become Obese, Unhealthy Adults
Teen Birth Rates Up for First Time in 14 Years, U.S. Reports
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 5, 2007
Aging Brains Get Out of Sync
Brain Protein May Be a Clue to Autism
Newly HIV-Infected Gay Men Select Other Infected Partners
Drug Helps Ease Fat Disorder in HIV Patients
Night Shift Work May Heighten Risk for Cancer
Depressed Moms' Kids at Higher Injury Risk
Cleaner Air Leads to Healthier Lungs
Genes Yield More Clues to Schizophrenia
FDA Panel Says No to Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer

Tuesday, December 4, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 4, 2007
Fitness, Not Fatness, Predicts a Longer Life
Sinusitis Treatments Found Ineffective
7 or 8 Hours of Sleep Best for Health
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 4, 2007
Many Katrina Survivors Suffered Psychological Symptoms
2-in-1 Test Signals Risk After Heart Attack
Nerve Disorganization May Spur Form of Dyslexia
3 Common Drugs Trigger Most ER Visits by Seniors
Honey Beats Meds at Soothing Kids' Cough
Observational Studies Often Overshadow Clinical Research
Newer Anticlotting Drug Safe, Effective for Heart Surgeries

Monday, December 3, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 3, 2007
Chimps Top Humans in Number Recall
Fever May Improve Behavior of Children With Autism Disorders
Want to Raise a Fruit-and-Veggie Lover? Be Persistent
Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 3, 2007
Almost 1 in 5 Americans Going Without Health Care
One-Third of HIV-Infected Gay Men Have Unsafe Sex: CDC
Having Twin Sister Boosts Men's Anorexia Risk
Most ERs Not Fully Prepared for Pediatric Patients
Brain Activity Points to Origins of Anorexia
Germ-Fighting Inhaler Could Fend Off Bioterror Agents
No Link Between Hepatitis B Shot, MS: Study
Divorce Isn't Eco-Friendly

Sunday, December 2, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec. 2, 2007
Breaking Down Barriers to End-of-Life Care for Children
Holidays Don't Have to Leave You Heavier
Diabetes Drug Avandia Could Weaken Bones

Saturday, December 1, 2007 return to top...

Health Highlights: Dec.1, 2007
Overlooked Mutation Can Spur HIV Drug Resistance
'Tis the Season For Allergy, Asthma

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