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Friday, February 29, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 29, 2008
Double Lung Transplant Better for Younger COPD Patients
Marker for Diabetes Might Miss Early Vision Complication
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 29, 2008
Chemo Break Benefits Some Men With Prostate Cancer
Babies Really Can Light Up Your Life
Disabled Cite Need to Improve Wireless Devices
Vitamin E Supplements May Raise Lung Cancer Risk
Common Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Won't Raise Blood Cancer Risk
Carb Intake, Obesity Tied to Rise in Esophageal Cancers
Monkey Gene That Blocks AIDS Viruses Evolved More Than Once
Genetic Factors for Smoking Boost Chronic Bronchitis Risk
Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Tied to Tendon Woes

Thursday, February 28, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 28, 2008
Scientists Find Cancer Culprits in Cigarette Smoke
Spanking Raises Chances of Risky, Deviant Sexual Behavior
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 28, 2008
Gene Expression Differences Affect Drug Response
Ginkgo Biloba Might Not Preserve Memory in Octogenarians
Broccoli Sprout Extract Hinders Bladder Cancer Development
New Gene for Lou Gehrig's Disease Identified
Baxter Recalls Rest of Heparin Products
Biomarkers for Mood May Alter Psychiatric Treatments
Age-Related Macular Degeneration Doubles Heart Attack and Stroke Risk
Researchers ID Gene Behind Rare Form of Epilepsy
Heart Hormones Beat Back Cancers in Mice

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 27, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 27, 2008
Some Countries May Have Slowed Bird Flu's Spread
CDC Panel Urges Extending Flu Vaccine Coverage for Kids
Satisfaction After Fibroid Embolization Similar to Hysterectomy
Research May Yield New Weapons Against Sepsis
Overweight Hispanic Kids Show Early Markers for Diabetes
'Diabulimia' Triples Risk of Death Among Women With Diabetes
Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola, Marburg Viruses
Curry Ingredient May Cut Cardiovascular Risks
Two Drugs Found Equal in Treatment of Septic Shock
Newborn Screening Suggests Decline in Cystic Fibrosis
Tysabri May Cause Liver Damage, Health Officials Say

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 26, 2008
U.S. Health Care Spending to Double by 2017, Report Predicts
Adult Stem Cells Help Those With Immune Disorders, Heart Disease
New Hope for Depressed Teens
Anemia Drugs for Cancer Patients Increase Death Risk
Cost of Breast Cancer Can Include Paycheck
Study Finds Variations in Doses of Radiation Therapy
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 26, 2008
HIV Drug in Microbicide Gel Safe for Daily Use
Only Severely Depressed Benefit From Antidepressants: Study
Web Tool Aids Men in Prostate Decisions
National Effort Needed to Address Hyperglycemia in Heart Patients
Teen Aggression May Really Be a State of Mind

Monday, February 25, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 25, 2008
Viral Infections Tied to Pregnancy Complications
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 25, 2008
Doing Angioplasty Long After Heart Attack Still Worth It, Analysis Shows
More Elderly Americans Living With Heart Failure
Hair Tells Tale of Where You've Been
TV Could Be Disrupting Your Kid's Sleep
Antibiotic Use in Dementia Patients Questioned
HRT Can Lead to Abnormal Mammograms, Biopsies
Blood Clots in Legs, Lungs Predispose Patients to Repeat Episodes
Many Patients Fail to Take Drugs After Heart Attack
Laser Screen Detects Diseases in Breath

Sunday, February 24, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 23, 2008
How to Be Heart Smart at the Supermarket
When Worry Consumes You

Saturday, February 23, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 23, 2008
More Risk Factors, Less Access to Care Behind Higher Stroke Rates in U.S.

Friday, February 22, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 22, 2008
Stroke More Prevalent in U.S. Than in Europe
Stroke Risk Factors Drain Memory
Stimulating Thymus Reactivates T-Cell Production
Aquatic Exercises May Ease Fibromyalgia
Aggressive Therapy for Crohn's Disease Produces Better Outcomes
New Stroke Therapies Show Promise
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 22, 2008
Experts Offer Clarity on Confusion Surrounding Stents
Earlier Colon Cancer Screens Urged for Smokers
Current Blood Sugar Control Test Results 'Inaccurate'
Most Internet Sex Offenders Target Teens, Not Kids
Heart Disease Deaths Over-Reported in New York City
FDA OKs Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer

Thursday, February 21, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 21, 2008
Mouse Study Probes Workings of Memory
FDA Panel OKs 3 New Flu Strains for Next Year's Vaccine
Daytime Dozing Might Raise Stroke Risk
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 21, 2008
Taking Multiple Pain Relievers May Cause Complications
Cats Help Shield Owners From Heart Attack
Fish Oil Flounders, But Fiber Might Lower Stroke Risk
Fast Food Ads Fueling Obesity Among Hispanic Kids
Moderate Aerobic Fitness Levels May Cut Stroke Risk
New Stroke Treatments Reduce Brain Damage, Improve Recovery
Awareness of Heart Attack Signs Lags in U.S.
Global Analysis of Human DNA Tracks Migration, Identity
Poverty Drains Nutrition From Family Diet

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 20, 2008
In-Hospital Stroke Deaths Rise on Nights, Weekends
More Evidence of Danger From Heart Surgery Drug
Cognitive Impairment Declining in Older Adults
DNA Findings Reveal Genetic History of Humans
Mammograms Might Spot Stroke Risk
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 20, 2008
Cutting Back on Salt Cuts Down on Sodas With Kids
Surgery Best for Narrowing of Spine
Middle-Aged Women Gaining Weight, Raising Their Stroke Risk
Music Therapy Improves Stroke Outcomes
Researchers Make Stem Cells That Secrete Insulin
Stem Cells Repair Stroke Damage in Rats
Cancer Death Rates Still Declining

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 19, 2008
Biannual Antibiotics May Cut Major Cause of Blindness in Africa
Hypertension a Health Challenge for Women
Gecko's Stickiness Inspires New Surgical Bandage
2 Mutations Were Critical to Spread of 1918 Flu
Missing Chromosome Improves Response to Brain Tumor Treatment
Eyes a Window to Hearing Loss?
Combo Treatment Best for Melanoma, Advanced Ovarian Cancer
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 19, 2008
Combination of Thyroid Medicines Not Necessary
Heart Attacks in Hospital More Deadly at Night, on Weekends
No Difference Found in Treatments for Acute Kidney Failure

Monday, February 18, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 18, 2008
One Drink May Help Heart, But Two Is Too Many
New MS Drug Target Shows Promise
Portable Computer Devices Can Aid Exercise Programs
Pitch Patterns Play Greater Role in Speech Perception
Timely Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Insurance Status
E-mails Improve Patient-Surgeon Communication
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Ease Irregular Heartbeat
Free Drugs After Heart Attack Would Save Money, Lengthen Lives
Antibiotics Do Little for Inner Ear Infections
Mix-Up Behind FDA's Failure to Inspect China Blood-Thinner Plant
Study Suggests Glucosamine Won't Ease Hip Arthritis

Sunday, February 17, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 17, 2008
Chemotherapy After Breast Cancer Surgery Effective for Older Women, Too
Don't Lose Sight of Vision Care, Group Urges

Saturday, February 16, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 16, 2008
Allergy Disorders Linked With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Friday, February 15, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 15, 2008
Blacks Awaiting Lung Transplants Face Poorer Outcomes
Ignition Locks Prevent Repeat DWI Offenses
Daily Stress May Raise Women's Risk of Cervical Cancer
Flu Widespread in U.S., but Vaccine Is Poor Match
IBS Symptoms More Acute in Women With History of Abuse
Harnessing the Mind to Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Unlike Fine Wine, Crabby People Don't Age Well
Viral Therapy Slows Pediatric Tumors in Mice
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 15, 2008
Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
HEPA Filters May Improve Cardiovascular Health

Thursday, February 14, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 14, 2008
DDT Compound Speeds Breast Cancer Growth
Overabundance of Immune Cells Might Trigger Lupus
Older Smokers More Likely to Deny Habit
When It Comes to a Mate, Beauty Can't Be Beat
Transplanted Liver Lining Cells May Cure Hemophilia
'Choking Game' Turned Deadly for 82 Youths
Scientists Show Stem Cells Don't Cause Cancer
Single Mutation in Mitochondrial DNA Weakens Heart, Muscles
Drug Cuts Muscle Damage After Heart Attack
U.S. Seeks to Limit Animal Testing of Toxic Chemicals
Acute Coronary Events Drop After Italy's Public Smoking Ban

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 13, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 13, 2008
Tango Classes Put Parkinson's Patients a Step Ahead
Marijuana Use Among MS Patients Raises Risk for Cognitive, Mood Problems
Cancer Drug Works Against MS in Early Trial
Fixing Poor Vision Boosts Preschoolers' Test Scores
Many Prostate Cancers Will Not Need Treatment
Drug-Coated Balloons Keep Leg Arteries Open: Study
Drops of Fatty Acid Curb Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome
Kidney Cancer Drug Linked to Higher Rate of Heart Problems
PTSD a Risk Factor for Long-Term Disease

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 12, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 12, 2008
Vaccine Could Cut Bouts With Stomach Flu
Muscle Fatigue Drug May Fight Heart Failure
Back Pain Spending Up, Relief Down
Respiratory Distress Treatment Studies Conflict
Precancerous Breast Lesions Cause Unnecessary Worry
Airplane Noise Boosts Blood Pressure Even During Sleep
Lack of Brain Protein May Explain 'Rain Man' Abilities
HPV-Positive Head and Neck Cancers Fare Better
Ovary Removal Protects Some High-Risk Women
Corneal Transplants Can Carry Infection Risk
Triglycerides Linked to Coronary Disease Risk
Learning Disabilities May Presage Later Language Problems

Monday, February 11, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 11, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 11, 2008
Gene Variations Help Regulate Response to Stress
Sugar Substitutes May Contribute to Weight Gain
Epilepsy Drug Doesn't Prevent Migraines
'Fluorescent' Retinal Cells Warn of Eye Disease
Disability Stronger Predictor of Longevity Than Disease Is
High Blood Pressure on Increase Among American Women
Most Breast Cancer Web Pages Contain Reliable Information
More Gene Variations Found That Raise Prostate Cancer Risk
Manufacturer Halts Production of Blood Thinner Heparin
Most With High Blood Pressure Don't Follow Recommended Diet
Scientists Reprogram Human Skin Cells Into Embryonic Stem Cells
Depression Rarely Discussed With RA Patients

Sunday, February 10, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 10, 2008
Spouse's Sickness Bodes Ill for Partner's Health
Baseline Exam Is Key to Eye Health

Saturday, February 9, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 9, 2008
Campaign Targets Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Kids

Friday, February 8, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 8, 2008
PET Scans Best for Measuring Response to Sarcoma Treatment
Blacks More Likely to Die of Severe Sepsis
Americans Abandoning National Parks
Staying Dry at Beach May Spare Your Stomach
Mutual Resentment in Marriage Can Be Deadly
For Males, Video Game Rewards Are All in the Mind
Quitting Marijuana Just as Hard as Quitting Cigarettes
FDA Warns of Children's Deaths Linked to Botox
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 8, 2008
Heart Attack Seldom Leads to Healthier Diet
Chronic Pain Harms Brain's Wiring
Depression in Young Doctors Tied to Medication Errors

Thursday, February 7, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 7, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 7, 2008
Harnessing Human Energy for Medical Good
Pathology Reports Good for Breast Cancer Studies
Domestic Violence Harms Long-Term Health of Victims
Drug Combo Tied to Kidney Risk With Some Cardiac Surgeries
Acupuncture May Aid In Vitro Fertilization
Report Shows Dangerous Chemical Can Leach From Baby Bottles
Low-Carb Diets Better Than Low-Fat Diets at Preventing Diabetes
Gene Linked to Inflammatory Arthritis Also Raises Heart Risks
Tattooing Best Way to Deliver DNA Vaccines
Gene Plays 'Jekyll-and-Hyde' Role in Deadly Brain Cancer
Natural Secretion Marks Difference Between Ordinary Mole and Melanoma
Birth Problems Linked to Teenage Fathers

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 6, 2008
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 6, 2008
Transparent Fish Gives New Window on Disease
Sucking Out Clot Debris Helps Heart Attack Patients
New Genetic Technology IDs Virus That Killed Transplant Recipients
Deaths Halt Part of Large Diabetes Trial
Multiple Sclerosis Drug May Be Linked to Melanoma
Aggressive Diabetes Therapy Lowers Death Risk, Study Finds
Drug Helps Prevent Breast-Feeding Moms From Passing on HIV
Death Rates From Cardiovascular Causes Vary Widely Across Europe
Test Detects Sensitivity to HIV Drug
Blood Pressure Drugs Might Prevent Parkinson's
Alzheimer's Plaques Can Form in One Day

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 5, 2008
GPS Devices Measure Severity of Peripheral Artery Disease
First 90 Days After Stopping Plavix Most Dangerous
Older Women More Likely to Suffer Depression
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 5, 2008
Smokers Sleep Less Soundly
Less Invasive Way to Stage Lung Cancer Shows Promise
Brain Injury May Not Erase Long-Term Memory
Marijuana Bad for the Gums
Cultural Beliefs May Keep Blacks From Hospice Care
9/11 Exposure Linked to Behavior Trouble in Kids
Born to Be Obese?

Monday, February 4, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 4, 2008
Parental Drinking Boosts Teen Alcohol Risks
Eye Blinks May ID Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Another Study Finds No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism
Bush's Budget Proposal Would Cut Medicare Spending
1 in 3 Hit Songs Mentions Substance Abuse, Smoking
Sugar Water Eases Pain of Infant Vaccinations
Many Babies Exposed to Chemicals
Very Premature Babies Don't Get Follow-Up Care
Black Men Most at Risk for Kidney Disease Complications
New Guideline Urges Screening for Fall Risk
Toy Magnets Can be a Very Real Threat
Drug-Coated Stents Better Than Bare-Metal Ones in Complex Cases
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 4, 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 3, 2008
Toll-Free Hotline to Help Seniors Avoid Falls
Dogs Could Be a Diabetic's Best Friend

Saturday, February 2, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 2, 2008
U.S. Unlikely to Meet Target for TB Elimination
Stars Don Red to Raise Awareness of Women's Heart Risk

Friday, February 1, 2008 return to top...

Health Highlights: Feb. 1, 2008
FDA Approves New Drug-Eluting Stent
Sorafenib Slows Growth of Some Leukemias
Ear Wax Softener Can Affect Hearing, Study Reports
9/11 Attacks Changed Way Americans Dream
Unintended Errors Leave Many Newborns Vulnerable
Experimental Vaccine Halts Prostate Cancer in Mice
A Daytime Nap Can Boost Memory
Pregnant Women With Asthma Should Stay on Low Dose of Meds
IPods Don't Interfere With Heart Pacemakers
Social Networking Sites Safer Than IM or Chat Rooms
Key Risk Factors for Suicide Consistent Across Globe
Clinical Trials Update: Feb.1, 2008
Quit-Smoking Drug May Raise Suicide Risk

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