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First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board
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The Legislation of the Centennial of Flight Commemoration Act, Public Law 105-389 105th Congress (November 13, 1998) as amended by Public Law 106-68 106th Congress (October 6, 1999), Section 12, provides for the establishment of the First Flight Centennial Federal Advisory Board. This Board has now been formally chartered and will be chaired by Dr. Tom Crouch, Senior Curator for the National Air & Space Museum.

The Advisory Board shall offer advice and counsel to the Centennial of Flight Commission on matters related to the Act, including but not restricted to, the most effective application of Centennial of Flight Commission resources in order to achieve the goals established in the Act; the formulation of recommendations to the Congress and the Executive Branch of how to best promote national awareness of the commemoration of the centennial of powered flight and the achievements of the Wright brothers; increasing the visibility of centennial activities; and the identification of ways in which individuals and organizations can be encouraged to participate in the centennial.

Statutory Members

  1. The Honorable Gale Norton
    Secretary of the Interior

  2. Dr. James H. Billington
    The Librarian of Congress

  3. The Honorable Dr. James G. Roche,
    Secretary of the Air Force

  4. The Honorable Gordon R. England,
    Secretary of the Navy

  5. The Honorable Norman Y. Mineta
    Secretary of Transportation

Appointees of the President of the United States

  1. Ms. Patty Wagstaff
    St. Augustine, FL

  2. Dr. Tom Crouch, Advisory Board Chair
    National Air & Space Museum

  3. Mr. Todd M. Hamilton
    New York

  4. Ms. Martha King
    San Diego, CA

  5. Dr. John Howard Morrow, Jr.
    Athens, GA

  6. Dr. Kathryn Sullivan
    Columbus, OH

Appointees of the Speaker of the House

  1. Mr. Terry Kohler
    Sheboygan, WI

  2. Mr. Kurt Russell
    Pacific Palisades, CA

  3. Ms. Mary Mathews
    Dayton, OH

  4. Dr. Neil Armstrong

Appointees of the Majority Leader of the Senate

  1. Dr. Peggy Baty Chabrian
    Temple Terrace, FL

  2. The Honorable Lauch Faircloth
    Clinton, NC

  3. Dr. Sylvia Stewart
    Jackson, MS

  4. Mr. Robert R. Ferguson III
    Morrisville, NC


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