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Prehistory of Powered Flight
Wright Brothers
Rotary Flight
Aerospace Industry
Evolution of Technology
Role of Government
Commercial Aviation
Theories of Flight (Aerodynamics)
General Aviation
Explorers, Daredevils and Record Setters
Air Power
Social History

Photography and other Media The purpose of the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission is to promote awareness of the Wright brothers' achievements and the 100th anniversary of powered flight. One way for the Commission to do this is through our Web site.

Generally, the information contained on the Web site is in the public domain, and permission for its use is not required as long as the Commission is acknowledged as the source of the information. However, there are certain materials on our Web site, such as photographs, images, narratives, movies, web casts, etc., that have source information provided for them. If there is source information provided for these materials, permission for their use should be obtained from their providers.

Essays on the History of Flight are the sole property of the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission, and are available for general use with the condition that the requested essays are sourced in the materials in which they are used.


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