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Search Results 1�of 8 Web Pages | See Categories and Related Topics Special Populations: Teenagers's Teenagers section features topics such as alcohol, contraception, and HIV.... Details >
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Endometriosis Brochure  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Also available in: French Portugese Spanish  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Endometriosis is a puzzling hormonal and immune disease affecting girls and women in their reproductive years. This brochure overviews symptoms, possible causes, diagnosis, and treatment options, plus... Details >
Endometriosis Association
Female Athlete Triad  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Some girls who play sports or exercise are at risk for a problem called female athlete triad. Female athlete triad - also known as female athletic triad - is a combination of three conditions: disorde... Details >
Nemours Foundation  External Links Disclaimer Logo
This interactive teen-targeted Web site promotes drug-free lifestyles and presents science-based facts about drug abuse. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) created the Fre... Details >
Office of National Drug Control Policy, The White House
Get the Facts about Teen Sexual Health  External Links Disclaimer Logo
Also available in: Spanish  External Links Disclaimer Logo
This web site offers answers to questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases.... Details >
American Social Health Association
Keeping Your Teens Drug Free: A Guide For African American Parents and Caregivers  External Links Disclaimer Logo
This resource, specifically written for African American parents and caregivers, includes information about marijuana and other illicit drugs. It also discusses challenges that parents face, how paren... Details >
Office of National Drug Control Policy, The White House
Parents and Teens Page   External Links Disclaimer Logo
This page has information for parents as well as teens; it includes tips, ideas, and commentary about a variety of issues and situations parents face day-to-day while raising their children. It also ... Details >
Institute for Youth Development
U.S. Teens in Our World
This report uses data from the Health Behavior in School-aged Children survey, conducted in 29 countries, to compare U.S. teens with their peers in other nations on indicators of health in the context... Details >
Maternal and Child Health Information Resource Center, Health Resources and Services Administration
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Nemours FoundationExternal Links Disclaimer Logo

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